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Hunt the Gledhow Valley Duck

The Story Begins...

Duncan Duck Legend tells of a strange and elusive creature lurking deep in Gledhow Valley Woods, known only as "Duncan the Gledhow Valley Duck". This mysterious bird is very good at hiding and very few have seen him in all of his rumoured nesting places. We are currently seeking brave adventurers who are willing to risk all in the quest to discover the truth behind the legend. Can YOU help us Hunt the Gledhow Valley Duck?


Duncan has marked all the places he likes to hide with his "Duncan Tokens" (see examples below). There are 10 tokens altogether, and they can be found throughout this web site. Unfortunately they are not always obvious... sometimes the tokens can only be seen when you perform a certain task (such as moving your mouse cursor over a particular picture).

Each token has a code written on it made up of one letter and one number. The example tokens below have the code "A1". You will need to note these codes as proof that you have found the tokens.

Duncan Token
Duck Hunt Certificate
Duncan Token

If you can find any of the tokens you will win the right to appear on our "Duck Hunt Honours Table", and if you find all 10 of the tokens you will also be able to print out a personalised "Gledhow Valley Duck Hunt Cartificate of Bravery" (shown above) to display proudly on your wall.

All you have to do is complete the entry form... we will then check your answers. If your answers are correct we will add you to the Honours Table. If you have all the codes we will also e-mail you the location of the Certificate, which you can then print out and keep.

Good luck!

P.S. The tokens on this page don't count!

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