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Minutes of Annual General Meeting
2nd December 2002

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair); Paul Ellis (Treasurer); Mervyn and Joan Clayton; Peter Foulston; Adrian Coltman; Adam and Carol Bull; Mike Betteridge; Dorothy Carter; Doreen Ward; Moire Sloane.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the last AGM 12-12-2001
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Chair's Report
  1. Treasurer's Report
  2. Election of Officers
  3. Reaffirm Core Group
  4. AOB

1. Apologies for Absence

Richard and Claire Lancaster and Ralph and Brenda Lancaster.

2. Minutes of the last AGM 12-12-2001


3. Matters Arising

These to be covered in Chairs report.

4. Chair's Report

  • Action Mornings
    There had been 10 action mornings they have focused on a range of activities from litter clearing, tree planting, path building and clearing. Many skips of rubbish have been filled. These mornings have been across the whole area of the woods and have been successful in improving the environment of the woods and raising the profile of the group.
    The last 2 mornings have been looking to improve the wood below the pastures, this is a very neglected area with room for great potential in terms of walking and wildlife habitat diversity.

  • Richard Lancaster
    Richard had been the mainstay of the group from its start and the group is still coming to terms with his departure. Martin expressed his and the groups thanks for all the work he had done. In looking to the future Martin had contacted Leeds about continued support and had met with Fred Duff and Denise Preston about how support from Leeds could be maintained. From this meeting Steve Joul has been designated to work with the group. Steve has already attended a meeting and has provided support for the group. This is a good sign and the group looks forward to working closely with Steve in the future.

  • Fun Day
    This continues to be a major event of the year for the group. It has a high profile with the local community who attend in large numbers. It was again this year very successful in spite of the rain! Next year Elaine Hill has promised to provide tents as this would have been a substantial additional cost for the group.
    Fun day next year will be on Saturday 17th May.

  • Traffic Calming
    Pressure has been applied all this year to improve the access to the woods by changing the nature of the road that runs through the wood. Brenda Lancaster has enabled the group to work with Leeds Highways to draw up a plan to reduce speed and improve pedestrian access. The group hopes for a speedy implementation of this plan in the New Year.

  • Website
    The website has proved to be invaluable to the group and provides excellent information about the group. The site is very busy and popular thanks to Adam's hard work in keeping the site up to date and informative.

  • B.T.C.V.
    We have affiliated to B.T.C.V. (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers) and have arranged insurance for the group through them for £165 with up to £5 million pounds liability insurance.

  • Tesco
    The group has been in correspondence regarding the trolleys dumped in the lake and a donation for their safe return to Tesco. Tesco has been very reluctant to communicate with us. Martin will meet the local manager during December to discuss issues in more detail.

  • Action Mornings
    Action mornings have been arranged for Jan 25th, Feb 23rd, Mar 22nd and April 19th.
    The Chair then summarised the year as being interesting and the group had achieved a lot and those plans were well advanced for next year to have an equally successful year.

5. Treasurer's Report

Paul reported that the account stood at £1,348.14 and provided a breakdown of the accounts (see below).

Main Account £842.52
Savings Account £505.62
Total Balance 02-12-2002 £1,348.14

6. Election of Officers

The following were nominated and seconded as officers of the Core Group:

  • Martin Calvert - Chair.
  • Paul Ellis - Treasurer.
  • Adrian Coltman - Acting Secretary.

7. Reaffirm Core Group

It was agreed to continue to inform Core Group Members about meetings and send minutes. The larger group on the contact list to be encouraged to use website and email to keep costs down.

8. AOB

  • Sewage
    Dorothy Carter raised the ongoing concern regarding the over flowing sewer in the woods. It is unclear where responsibility lies for the problem and remedial action to stop it. Peter volunteered to find out more information as to the stage of the investigation.

  • Planning Permission
    Adrian raised concern over recent planning application and the need for the group to be aware of any applications and be ready to object.

  • Health and Safety
    Peter raised the need for the group to be aware at all time in their work of health and safety issues. The need for risk assessments and common sense in our activities. Peter volunteered to look at this issue further and report back at future action mornings and meetings.

  • Calendars
    Adam provided excellent 2003 calendars for group members from photographs on the website.

The meeting finished for group social.

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