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Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods

Many people have helped to make this web site possible, and we would like to thank everyone involved. Some of these people are listed below. Great effort has been made to try and ensure that the photographs, images and texts used on this web site appear with the permission of the copyright owners.


Photography & Artwork

Site Design, Construction & Maintenance

  • Adam Bull
    Adam has been a professional freelance web site developer since 1993. He has donated his time and resources in researching, designing, building and maintaining this web site since becoming a member of the Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods in 2001. He also takes many of the photographs which appear on the site, and is responsible for designing and producing FGVW merchandise.
    Please click here to find out more about Adam and his work.

  • Carol Bull
    Thanks to Carol, Adam's wife, for ongoing help in typing up material only available in printed form, taking photographs, and for helping to test the site during its continuing development. Carol is also Secretary of the FGVW Steering Group.


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