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The Birds of Gledhow Valley

The following information is based on observations listed in the Leeds & District Birdwatchers Club reports from 1951 to the present day, along with further observations from Mr and Mrs E C Sterne, Miss G Granger, Mr M Clements and my own observations between 1986 and the present day. Fly over sightings for the whole Gledhow area are included. At present there are details of 115 different species of birds.

The area covered is the woodland area either side of Gledhow Valley Road between Roundhay Grove and Allerton Grange Way, and bounded by Ridgeway, Gledhow Wood Road, Lidgett Lane, Brackenwood Drive and Lincombe Drive to the the north.

By Martin P Calvert

Please note that the following pages are quite big and may take a little while to appear in your web browser window. The first version has "thumbnail" images of some of the birds and will therefore take longer to appear than the text only version. Both versions allow you to access larger pictures of some of the birds.

Many of the photographs featured on these pages were not actually taken in Gledhow Valley Woods, and there are lots of birds which are not yet pictured at all. We would be very grateful for any help you can give in completing these pages... if you have any photographs we can use (especially if they were taken in the Woods themselves), please contact us.

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