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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
13th February 2003

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Mervyn and Joan Clayton, Peter Foulston, Adrian Coltman, Carol Bull, Graeme Ashton, Elaine Hill, Paul Gibson.

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 14th January 2003
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. Traffic Calming
  1. Action Morning
  2. Funday 2003
  3. AOB
  4. Date of Next Meeting

1. Apologies

Paul Ellis, Mike Betteridge, Dorothy Carter, Adam Bull, Ralph and Brenda Lancaster.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 14th January 2003

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Sewers
    Yorkshire post has been contacted by Dorothy as the situation regarding the leaking sewer has not been resolved and continues to be an environmental hazard. Peter will follow this up. Further action may be required by the group and will be discussed by the group at a future date if action by Dorothy is unsuccessful.

  • Bridge Stones in the Stream
    Graeme reported that only one stone belonged to the bridge and that new stone work would be ordered for the bridge.

  • Risk Assessments
    Peter outlined need for briefings before each Action Morning to highlight need for strong footwear, gloves, road side safety and the need for high visibility jackets, tetanus jabs up to date and need to be observant about Viles disease and rats. The need for careful handling of heavy objects. Peter to bring briefing to next meeting.
    Graeme will bring along to action morning's safety gear including hard hats.

  • Pastures Action Morning
    E-mail was sent by Winny Manners expressing her thanks and support for FGVW.

4. Treasurer's Report

Paul was not present at meeting.

5. Traffic Calming

Meeting welcomed the letter from councillors to local residents informing them of imminent road improvements and traffic calming. The Core Group thanked Brenda Lancaster for all her hard work in helping support traffic calming.

6. Action Morning

The last Action Morning was a great success with between 25 and 30 people attending. There was a great deal of litter collected as well as the path around the lake being cleared. The area will need more work on the next action morning.

Graeme outlined views on developing Action Mornings and events. He suggested that the group look at starting bird walks, Easter Egg Hunts, fungus forays, wild flower walks, and Christmas decorations. This would widen appeal of group and increase awareness of local community to the woods. The group welcomed this and asked Graeme to look at developing these ideas for future action. Graeme suggested contacting Justin Williams regarding woodland improvement grant.

7. Funday 2003

Martin has applied for material costs from the C.I.T. for nest boxes and plants.
Elaine has said she can provide tents for the day.
Tasks allocated:

  • C.I.T. hopefully to provide grant for £195 for material costs.
  • Leaflets and distribution are being arranged, leaflets will be A5 size 6,000 will be needed. Adam to finalise artwork for leaflet.
  • Hoping to use network of Safeways leaflet deliverers, Joan to co-ordinate.
  • Catering will continue to be donations, Tesco will also provide support. Joan to try to co-ordinate donors.
  • Music is being arranged with possibly 2 bands and hand bell ringers, music to have fixed time slots.
  • One Face painter has been contacted so far.
  • Core Group decided against asking a clown to attend the fun day, due to the £250 fee asked.
  • Martin to ask wind chimes/wishing tree people to attend this years event.
  • Gledhow Valley Allotments and Brackenwood tenants association to have stalls at funday.
  • Geodesic dome - Tomas Remiarz Woodland Management Co-Operative offered to bring it along and green woodworking demo in an email last June. Martin to invite them.
  • Computer terminal with website - Adam to arrange.
  • Hope to arrange bees and beekeeper to visit. Joan or Elaine to try.
  • Hedgehog lady will let us know but is keen to attend.
  • Elaine to find out about bats/newts/pond life stall.
  • Elaine to provide donation boxes, electric urn and enough water.
  • T-shirts Martin to contact Rose sisters to see if they will do t-shirts again.
  • Parachute - ask John Farley to do again.
  • Tents - Elaine has arranged 3 tents the same as last years order along with tables and chairs, also display boards.
  • St Johns ambulance to be arranged by Martin.

8. AOB

  • Rats large number in woods at the moment - Martin to contact environmental health.
  • Mice (Money for Improvement in the Community & Environment) money... need to write to councillors to explain how we have used money - Paul to do this.
  • Parks have a patrol bike to be used for security issues - contact tel 237 5254.
  • Wheelie bin from Brakenwood flats in stream - need to write to environmental health regarding problem.

9. Date of Next Meeting

Next Core Group meeting will be on Thursday 13th March 2003 at 8pm in The Three Hulats, Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton.

AGENDA (Provisional)

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of last meeting
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. Traffic Calming
  6. Action Mornings
  7. Dates of future Action Morning
  8. Sewer in the Woods
  9. Funday
  10. Water Quality
  11. AOB
  12. Date of next meeting

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