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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
12th March 2003

Present: Peter Foulston, Martin Calvert (Chair), Paul Ellis (Treasurer), Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Adrian Coltman, Brenda Lancaster, Graham Ashton, Adam & Carol Bull, Sian, Clare.

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 14th January 2003
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. Traffic Calming
  6. Action Morning
  7. Future Action Mornings
  1. Leaking Sewer
  2. Funday 2003
  3. Water Quality
  4. Woodland Improvement Grant
  5. AOB
  6. Date of Next Meeting

1. Apologies

Mike Betteridge.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 13th February 2003

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Rats
    Dealt with my Malcolm the Ratman!
  • "MICE" Money
    Confirmed to LCC that £250 of has been spent on administration.
  • Health and Safety
    Peter to brief people at the next action morning.
  • Bridge Stones
    No progress.
  • Pastures action morning
    Evidence of increased interest from local residents.
  • Bikes in the woods
    Contact LCC "Parkwatch" on 232 9973 if you see any motorbikes in the woods.

4. Treasurer's Report

Paul reported that the group had £804 in the bank.

5. Traffic Calming

Work has commenced on improved lighting for Gledhow Valley Road.

6. Action Morning

Poor turnout due to it being held at the end of half-term (note for future dates).

7. Future Action Mornings

Saturday 22nd March, Saturday 26th April.
It was agreed to hold a Flower Walk on Wednesday 7th May, 6.45 p.m. starting at the old car park.

8. Leaking Sewer

Martin is hopeful that action will be taken by LCC, following John Kenny's intervention to deal with what is a statutory nuisance.

9. Funday 2003

  • Permission - Andrew Sykes, Community and Activities Liaison Officer sees no major obstacles to the event going ahead.
  • Tents (3), Tables & Chairs - Ordered. Might need to order 20 extra chairs for Daftasadrum.
  • Water Heater & water - Elaine to provide.
  • Signs - Some from last year, but will need to make more for new attractions.
  • Posts, String, Groundsheets - Elaine to provide.
  • Generator & Fuel - Hewden Hire, collect Friday, return Monday; Power for water heater and music.
  • Money Collecting Boxes - Elaine to provide.
  • Advertising - Need 40 A3 posters printed for local display and volunteers to display them in suitable locations. Action: Supplied by Adam/Peter/Environment Agency.
  • Leaflets - A5 leaflets ready for printing by 3 sources. Do we need to amend the leaflets to advertise new attractions? Action: Adam. Joan and Mervyn to organise and plot deliveries on map. Action: delivery end April/beginning May.
  • Information Leaflets On Nest-Boxes & Meadows - Action: Penny Keech leaflet
  • Refreshments - Joan, Debbie, volunteers and Tescos. Please get volunteers to commit to delivery to Joan, Debbie or 12.00-13.00 on the day. Action: need to asses number who will provide home-baked cakes etc.
  • FGVW Display Boards - Elaine to lend to us Displays; Adrian to organise; FGVW joining leaflets may need updating.
  • FGVW Website - Computer via Mervyn; Adam to organise and run.
  • St Johns Ambulance - Still to invite.
  • Nestboxes - Wood courtesy of Elaine and we may get funding for more wood from the Materials Fund - decision in April; Mervyn and Joan to organise team.
  • Plants - Order needs to be confirmed in April. Compost, stone and pots courtesy Elaine; Mervyn and Joan to organise team.
  • Music - Peter Foulston
    • Hand Bells - Confirmed for 3.00pm (£40)
    • Band from Gledhow school (The Port Brothers) - Probably available for 1.30pm (£60)
    • Band from last year - Stand-by in case of cancellation?
    • Daftasadrum 2.30-3.00pm?
    • Power requirements - Port Brothers need 1 power outlet.
    • Hand Bells will need to play in tent if weather inclement.
  • Parachute Games - Action: Paul and Adrian to supply and organise.
  • T-Shirts - Gabby Rose confirmed, Action: Martin to purchase T-shirts, including larger sizes.
  • Daftasadrum - 1.30pm-3.00pm confirmed. Help needed to unload and load instruments in to and out of van. Performance at 2.30pm (£50).
  • Face Painters (2) - Rainbow (last year) confirmed and Jill Gilmour (2 years ago) invited.
  • Windchimes & Wishing Sticks - BTCV confirmed.
  • Circus Skills & Wishing Tree - Provided by Paula Kershaw and 3 others along with a large tent - confirmed (£100).
  • Treesponsibility & Knott Wood Coppicers - to be invited (£150).
  • Minibeasts & Bats - Elaine to provide.
  • Beekeeper - David Barrett has confirmed attendance.
  • Hedgehog Sanctuary - Pennie Keech if possible dependent on Scottish Evacuation t.b.c.
  • Friends of Chappel Allerton Cemetery - Freda Copley confirmed.
  • Organisation & Allocation of Tents & Tables - Action: sub-group to organise this and event management. To be planned at Mervyn and Joan's house - date t.b.c.
  • Woodland Games/Walks - Steve Joul and Graham Ashton.
  • Dragonfly Making - Elaine.
  • Money Matters - Paul to manage.
    • Collection of monies throughout the afternoon and security thereof.
    • Provision of floats and change for Nestboxes, meadows, t-shirts, facepainters.
    • Payment of Turns.
  • Community Police - Action: Brenda to organise.
  • After Event Drinkies - From 5.00pm after clear up.
  • C.I.T GRANT - confirmed £195
  • Materials Fund Grant - applied for £300
  • Leisure Services Grant - applied for £300

Expected Costs & Income for 2003 Fun Day
(excluding possible grants, as listed above)
Item Expected Cost (£) Expected Income (£)
Face Painters
Circus Skills
St Johns Ambulance
Nest Boxes
Total Balance 1,040 535
Expected Deficit 505  

10. Water Quality

Discussion on this item was postponed until the next meeting.

11. Woodland Improvement Grant

A site meeting has been held with the LCC forestry officer, who has asked the group to submit a plan detailing all of its aspirations for the woods. This will be promoted at the Funday and members are asked to submit their ideas on the plans distributed at the meeting.
Action - Peter & Adam to investigate feasibility of capturing ideas via the web site.

12. AOB

  • The web site statistics were circulated - over 5,000 pages were viewed in February 2003!
  • Steve Allen (LCC Arboricultural Officer - 07947 160998) advised the meeting that there is a potential plan to fell 600 lime trees that border either side of Gledhow Valley Road. The drivers for this are the risk of trees being blown over and the improved visibility of the woodland trees from the road. Trees fronting properties would be left in-situ.

13. Date of Next Meeting

Next Core Group meeting will be on Thursday 24th April 2003 at 8pm in The Three Hulats, Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton.

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