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Minutes of Annual General Meeting
1st December 2003

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Paul Ellis (Treasurer), Dorothy Carter, Adam & Carol Bull, Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Peter Foulston, Adrian Coltman, Mike Betteridge, Graeme Ashton, Sian Dodderidge

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the last AGM 02-12-2002
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Chair's Report
  1. Treasurer's Report
  2. Election of Officers
  3. AOB

1. Apologies for Absence

Brenda & Ralph Lancaster, Moire Sloane, Donna.

2. Minutes of the last AGM 02-12-2002


3. Matters Arising

These to be covered in Chairs report.

4. Chair's Report

  • Action Days
    There were 10 Action Mornings throughout the year. In May the Action Morning was replaced by the annual Funday and in there wasn't one in December. During the Action Mornings a footpath was been built from Gledhow Lane to Allerton Grange Way. Next year it is planned to extend the footpath using the Green Leeds Grant. 1,000 bulbs were planted. 240 wild flowers were planted just below the lake. Next year the Group must remember to ask the Council to cut the grass in the meadow otherwise it will be left.

  • Thanks
    The Chair thanked:
    - The Council for their help over the year and particularly Graeme Ashton. He also thanked Elaine for her help with the Funday.
    - Adam & Carol Bull for the upkeep and development of the website. Also costs have been reduced as now information about the Group's activities and minutes are now predominantly sent by email. The email list now consists of approximately 85 members and only 40 members are sent mail.
    - Bob and Doreen Ward for printing the minutes for posting throughout the year.
    - Brenda Lancaster for her work and support.
    - Mervyn Clayton particularly for his joinery and woodwork expertise.
    - Joan and Mervyn Clayton for hosting the AGM event.
    - All on the committee.

  • Funday 2003
    The Funday was a great success despite the rain, and enhanced the Group's credibility. Thanks go to everyone who helped and provided support. Thanks also go to Tesco who supported the event by donating refreshments. The planning for the Funday in 2004 has started already with individuals given certain responsibilities.

  • Traffic Calming
    The Group hope to see some work on the project start in 2004. There was general disappointment that work had not started this year. The Group has not been consulted much and it was felt that there was a lack of political support. Consultation on the traffic calming should happen shortly.

  • Gledhow Valley Road
    - Lighting has improved on Gledhow Valley Road.
    - Some tree lopping is likely to take place in 2004 to further improve lighting.

  • Sewage
    The leaking sewage issue in the woods was resolved during the year. The Chair thanked Dorothy for raising the issue and helping to resolve it.

  • Combined Sewage Overflows (CSOs)
    - There are 2 main CSOs - 1 on Harrogate Road and 1 in the horse field. New tanks and screens were installed but are not working properly. Yorkshire Water are investigating the problem and monitoring regularly. They are currently looking into installing a self cleaning mechanism if it continues to get blocked.
    - There are another 2 CSOs on Gledhow Valley Lane and opposite Allerton Grange. These were basic ones. When the sewage overflowed the walls, it went directly into the stream. These are being replaced with self cleaning mesh tanks through which the sewage will flow in storm conditions. This should prevent solids reaching the stream and has led to Yorkshire Water closing Gledhow Lane for several weeks.

  • Other Events
    - On 7th May a Flower Walk took place and was hugely successful. Next year it is suggested that there should be two groups as this year's group was large and it was difficult for some to hear.
    - The Group attended and took part in a St Matthew's Church event. The Chair thanked Joan and Mervyn Clayton for attending.

  • Woodland Improvement Grant
    - Members of the Group met with Justin and Steve. Each year the Council is given some money to spend on Gledhow Valley Woods. This money has not been spent for some time so the Group asked for funds to build paths and steps and put up some information boards. No progress has been made on this yet.
    - The Chair met with Sue Lumby who provided a grant for tools and materials. She came to meet members of the Group and to see what the money had been spent on. She was very pleased and advised the Group to apply for a Green Leeds grant which the Group got. It is planned to use the grant for benches, BTCV volunteers and materials.

  • Charity Status
    The Group is planning to register as a charity next year due to the amount of money it is receiving in grants.

  • Volunteers
    - Yorkshire Water visited the woods and volunteered to build some steps.
    - The Tax Office also volunteered their help and sent a group of employees to help in the woods as part of a team building day. This was very successful and the Chair thanked Mervyn Clayton for helping on the day, Mike Betteridge for taking photo's of the event and Adam Bull for putting details on the website.

  • Press Article
    An issue over a press article was raised at last month's meeting. Mervyn Clayton confirmed he had sent a response to the person who had written the article and invited him to the AGM. He did not receive a reply.

  • History
    Dorothy had been doing some research into the history of the lake and provided a list of events in its history.

  • Housing Trust
    Members of the Group met with the Housing Trust who look after the Bracken Woods Housing Estate. They discussed the problems with litter, bikes, etc. and applied for and received a grant to build motorcycle barriers.

5. Treasurer's Report

Paul Ellis provided the Funday accounts and Treasurer's Report for 2003 (see below):

Current Account balance as at 1 December 2002 £842.58
Current Account balance as at 1 December 2003 £480.63
Reserve Account balance as at 1 December 2003 ££1,006.28

Paul has contacted Malcolm Lynch, a member who is a legal expert, to check over the proposed constitution and details allowing the Group to apply for charity status next year.

He also raised an action point for the group to tie up specific projects for the Council with the grants we receive (rather than pooling the money and using as and when required).

6. Election of Officers

The following were nominated and seconded as officers of the Core Group:

  • Martin Calvert - Chair.
  • Paul Ellis - Treasurer.
  • Adrian Coltman - Secretary.
  • Carol Bull - Minutes Secretary.

7. AOB

  • Memorial Tree
    Dorothy asked for the Group's permission to plant a tree in the woods in memory of her daughter-in-law Joanna. The Group agreed and Graeme suggested an oak tree.

  • Tree Cutting
    Martin raised the issue of tree cutting etc. at Roundhay Park. Martin has been asked to comment but referred them to Friends of Roundhay Park. The Group may need to consider if the action being taken at Roundhay Park has any consequences for Gledhow Valley Woods next year.

  • Bush Cutting
    Mike Betteridge proposed cutting back bushes at the bottom of Allerton Grange Way as a future Action Morning task.

  • Missing Stones on the Bridge
    Dorothy asked if the Group had made any progress on replacing the stones on the bridge. Graeme commented that they had found one stone in the beck and proposed that next year the Group go in to the beck to see if it could be salvaged. Fred Duff and Denise Weston also contacted earlier in the year but no action so far.

  • Landing Stage
    Dorothy asked if any progress had been made with the 'landing stage'. This is still on the agenda and will be looked into next year.

  • Bath House Upkeep
    Sian stated that she would write a letter to the Wade's Charity regarding the Bath House.

  • Pavement Clearing
    Dorothy stated that she had contacted the council about clearing leaves from the pavements. This is due to take place next week.

  • Risk Assessment
    Graeme raised the issue of risk assessment for Action Mornings, etc. Peter confirmed that he had done some drafts but these needed to be written up and be made more formal. Graeme agreed to pass some examples that he uses for Peter to look at and Peter agreed to action.

  • Action Mornings
    The Chair proposed that the next Action Mornings should take place on 18 January, 22 February and 20 March.

The meeting finished for group social.

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