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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
11th March 2004

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Graeme Ashton, Peter Foulston, Elaine Hill, Bob Moffat, Mick Price, Sian Dodderidge.

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 19th February 2004
  3. Matters Arising
  1. Action Mornings
  2. AOB
  3. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies

Dorothy Carter, Adrian Coltman, Paul Ellis.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 19th February 2004

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Website Competition Results
    Adam announced that the FGVW website had come second in the Green Space Online competition to find the country's best community web site.
    Thank you to all who voted.
    The FGVW website is currently receiving 4-5,000 visitors per month.

  • Receipts
    Paul is matching the receipts with the grants we have received. This has resulted in two payments from Eileen Moxon so far.

  • New Trees
    Graeme announced that we also had 200 trees to plant. This came as a surprise to the Group and Martin is to contact Justin Williamson to find out where the trees should be planted, how often we will get trees like this and if this is part of the five year management plan for the woods.

  • Leeds Children's Fund
    - The £650 grant has to be spent by the end of March and a report submitted by April. Donna is to visit 4 local schools and ask Year 6 to have competitions to produce posters for the Funday. Each school will have a winner and two runners up. Each school will receive a tree, the winners will receive a £20 book token and disposable fun camera and the runners up will receive a £10 book token.
    - The Group has also ordered 20 child sized tabards for £140.
    - It is proposed that children are encouraged to attend the next Action Morning and photo's taken of them in their tabards that will be used in the report.
    - The closing date for the competition is April 30th. It is proposed to use the winning posters to promote the Funday in conjunction with our usual publicity posters and flyers.
    - Adam is to produce a poster to advertise the competition in schools.
    - Martin is to liase with Donna to ask schools if they would like to display the work for the competition at the Funday.
    - Adrian is spending the remainder of the Grant on gloves and garden tools suitable for children.

  • Green Leeds Fund
    This is on going. Money has been received for the receipts submitted for December and January.

  • Funday Update
    - Funding of £500 has been received from the CIT for the marquee, tables and chairs.
    - Graeme is to investigate the price of wood to be used for bird boxes and collect the wood in his trailer when possible.
    - Graeme and Peter will contact the Handbell ringers.
    - Adam has agreed to produce a poster and flyers within the next 2 weeks so they can be copied ready for distribution to schools and local housing.
    - Bob suggested doing two publicity posters for the Funday, one to attract children and aimed more at adults. Mick Price agreed to assist Adam in designing a single poster which would have a broader appeal for all ages.
    - Adam will also produce a programme leaflet for the Funday to show where and when different events take place.
    - The Urban Circus fee has been confirmed.
    - Donna has agreed to do both a stall and a raffle on the day.
    - It was agreed that Adam could publicise any shops that donated prizes for the raffle on any programmes etc.
    - It was decided to invite other community groups such as the Allotments Association, Chapel Allerton Cemetery and Bracken Woods.
    - Martin agreed to arrange a 'draw your own' T-Shirts stall.
    - Glen the Tree Warden has asked if he can attend the Funday and do a demonstration.
    - The Chapel Allerton Festival have asked if they can do a 'Picnic in the Park' on the same day as the Funday. The group are to ask them to choose a different day and offer them a stall if they would like to promote the event instead.
    - Mervyn asked if Martin had investigated getting FGVW printed on the back of the fluorescent jackets. This is still outstanding.
    - Peter suggested getting some T-Shirts printed for the Group members to wear on the Funday. This was rejected due to the history of wet weather and that the T-Shirts would be covered by jackets and coats so they wouldn't be seen.

4. Action Mornings

At the last Action Morning in February three benches were put in the woods. The Group has received very positive feedback from local people and so 3 more benches have been ordered. Joan on behalf of Dorothy asked if a bench or two could be put at the top of the hill. There is evidence that benches have been there in the past. Adam asked if a bench could be put in the meadow however the Group decided to try and repair the existing bench there first.

The next Action Morning will be on Saturday 20th March. It is planned to do some path work near Lincombe Drive. Sian was keen to do some pruning as she recently attended a tree management course. It was agreed that some brambles needed clearing.

The following Action Morning on Sunday 25th April will be used to put in 3 more benches.

There will not be an Action Morning in May due to the Funday.

The following Action Morning will be 20th June.

Next Action Mornings

Saturday 20 March
Saturday 24 April
Sunday 20 June

5. AOB

  • Community and City Pride Awards
    Joan raised the Community and City Pride Awards. This is a council initiative to encourage litter picks and environmental awareness etc. This is planned to be launched in March/April. Graeme will keep the Group informed of any developments.
  • Bath House History
    Elaine provided some information on the history of the Bath House and discovered that money had been given to the Leeds Corporation many years ago and the interest was to be used for the Bath House upkeep.
  • Community Chest Grant
    The Community Chest application had been successful and the Group will receive £726 to be used for tools. The grant is valid for one year.
  • Sycamores
    Some sycamores have been cut down in the area.

6. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Core Group Meeting - Thursday 22nd April 8.00pm, The Queen's Arms on Harrogate Road.
  • Action Morning - Saturday 20 March 2004.
  • Action Morning - Saturday 24 April 2004.
  • Action Morning - Sunday 20 June 2004.

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