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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
22nd April 2004

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Graeme Ashton, Peter Foulston, Bob Moffat, Sian Dodderidge, Adrian Coltman, Paul Ellis, Mike Betteridge, Mick and Jason Price

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 11th March 2004
  3. Matters Arising
  1. Action Mornings
  2. AOB
  3. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies

Dorothy Carter, Elaine Hill, Brenda Lancaster.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 11th March 2004

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • CIT Changes
    The CIT has changed and is now known as Area Management.

  • Free Trees
    The 200 trees that were discussed at the last meeting were used elsewhere and the Friends did not receive any in the end.

  • Flats on Gledhow Lane
    There are plans to build flats at the top of Gledhow Lane. Bob attended the planning meeting. The planning application is to go ahead. There are some concerns as the building work involves felling approx 50 trees and is a possible bat roosting site. Conservationist Groups are involved.

  • New Venue for Core Group Meetings
    The planning meeting (see above) took place in the Police Club and Bob asked if the Friends could hold meetings there as it was very quiet. Permission has been granted and the Friend's will give this a trial run next month.

  • BTCV Work
    The BTCV worked in the woods from 30th March for 4 days. They built steps, re-routed an existing path and built a new one. They brought 10 tons of stone with them. We have funding for another 3 days from BTCV and we need to decide what work we want them to do. Suggestions included path work near Gledhow Lane and Allerton Grange Way and possible scrub/bramble clearance.

  • Plants for the Lake
    Mick asked if there was any funding for putting plants in the lake. The Group are going to contact the Pond's Trust and look into lake issues at a later date.

  • Hiring a Chipper
    Mike has been cutting back bushes on the overgrown path near the sub-station. He asked if the Friends could hire a chipper so that the chippings could be used to improve the path surface. Adrian is to contact a local tree surgeon to find out what rates he charges for hiring his chipper.

  • Leeds Children's Fund Update
    A report has been sent to the Leeds Children's Fund and Donna has been round the three schools involved in designing posters for our Funday. Most of the money has been spent except for the money set aside to buy trees for each school taking part. We have already bought the child sized body jackets, gloves and litter pickers, instant cameras and book tokens. Thanks go to Adam for designing the posters used to advertise the competition.

  • Green Leeds Fund Update
    The report for March has been sent to the Green Leeds Fund. This includes work carried out by the BTCV. The receipts for this work and the benches will be sent in this week. Paul is to liase with Martin to separate the finances being used for this Fund.

  • CIT Update
    CIT Bracken Woods money needs to be sent to pay for the fencing.

  • Funday Updates
    - The Funday is going as planned. Posters will be put up week commencing 2nd May.
    - A Funday final planning meeting was arranged for Wednesday 5th May at 8pm at the Police Club.
    - A trial run of putting up one of the new gazebos will take place Saturday 24th April.
    - The Learning and Leisure grant application for £500 has been approved.
    - A grant of £60 requested to cover the St John's Ambulance has been declined.
    - Face Painters and Woodland Craft people have also confirmed.
    - Plants for the Meadows in a pot are due to be collected week commencing 15th May.
    - No Woodland Walks are planned this year as Steve is unable to attend.
    - Lotherton Birds of Prey have agreed to attend.
    - The Wood has been delivered for the bird and bat boxes. Mervyn and Joan have sawn the wood up.
    - The Friends display boards need manning as Adrian and Adam have other responsibilities on the day. It was suggested a rota be set up so members can try different events.
    - Our thanks go to Adam who has been visiting local businesses and collecting raffle prizes. This has been a great success and the Group would like to thank the businesses who have generously donated prizes.
    - Sian suggested that the stewards should wear something to make it easy to identify them. Fluorescent jackets were suggested. - Adam is to produce badges after Martin has confirmed the names.
    - Volunteers needed to post leaflets door to door and put leaflets in schools, library, churches etc. It was suggested that each member attending the next Funday meeting would take some leaflets and distribute them around their area.
    - A time needs to be allocated for the parachute game.
    - Peter has been looking into hiring battery operated PA systems. A decision has to be made soon.
    - Everything must be finalised by 5th May.

4. Action Mornings

The last Action Morning was very wet but 16 people still attended. The new children's vests, bought with the Leeds Children's Fund Grant, were tried out. Some path work was carried out.

At the next Action Morning on 24th April 3 benches will be put in opposite the horses field, just of Gledhow Lane and possibly near the middle path. This final location may be difficult due to the weight of the benches and access.

Joan also suggested re-visiting one of the new benches that was put in on a previous Action Morning. It has lots of nettles growing round it and the Friends may need to do some clearing so that the bench is used.

Next Action Mornings

Sunday 20 June

5. AOB

  • Traffic Calming Update
    Adrian has contacted the Road Traffic people for an update on the road calming work. Only one objection was received and the work is expected to start in June.

  • Role of Charity Trustees
    Paul issued information on the Role of Charity Trustees for the Friend's to look at.

  • Bath House
    Joan raised the issue of the Bath House. Elaine sent some information on possible grant sources. Property Management may be able to help with funding and repair the iron grid and door. This is still being looked into. The Friends may need to organise a special day for the Bath House to work on clearing the area around it. This is to be discussed after the Funday.

  • FGVW Signatory
    It was agreed that Adrian Coltman (FGVW Secretary) be the third signatory to the FGVW HSBC Account.

6. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Funday Planning Meeting - Wednesday 5 May 2004 at the Police Club, Gledhow Lane.
  • Action Morning - Sunday 20 June 2004.
  • Core Group Meeting - Thursday 17 June 2004.

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