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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
17th June 2004

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Graeme Ashton, Peter Foulston, Bob Moffatt, Adrian Coltman, Paul Ellis, Mike Betteridge, Claire Welling.

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 22nd April 2004
  3. Matters Arising
  1. Action Mornings
  2. AOB
  3. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies

Dorothy Carter, Brenda Lancaster.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 22nd April 2004

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Bath House
    Graeme provided an update on work carried out on the Bath House. The metal grill over the front door has been re-pointed, and new locks fitted to both doors. The hole in the roof has been repaired. John Casey the Area Officer has put some fencing up, which may be extended. Graeme is trying to get hold of the keys and proposed clearing the area in front of the Bath House at an Action Morning.

  • Venue
    The former Police Club on Gledhow Lane is now being used for Core Group Meetings. The venue is popular with the Group and it was agreed that Bob would become a member so that meetings could continue to be held there, which would cost the Group £25 a year. The whole room can be hired for a nominla fee plus around £5 an hour, so it is also a possible venue for the AGM.

  • Leeds Children Fund
    Donna has sent off the report.

  • Funday
    - The Funday was a huge success and our thanks go to everyone involved.
    - There was an issue over an alleged 10 missing hire chairs, although the total numbers were not checked by the Group when they arrived so the Group are unable to confirm whether this is true or not. As a goodwill gesture the Group have paid 50% of the cost of the (alleged) missing chairs to the hire company. In the future the number of hired items will be checked on site.
    - On the day the Group made a surplus of approximately £958 (subject to confirmation), although the aim of the day is to maintain community spirit and draw attention to the woods rather than to make a profit. As usual, the surplus will go towards future Group activities and equipment purchase.
    - The Urban Circus was very popular and the Group hope to book this event again in the future.
    - Fire extinguishers had been made available on the day however the Group thought that in the future these could be promoted better, with helpers being shown where they were situated and how to use them.
    - The bird boxes were popular again this year. Less pre-made ones were sold but around 60 'build your own' bird boxes were made on the day by both children and adults. Bat boxes were also popular and it was decided that we need more of these next year.
    - Clay modelling was new this year and proved to be highly successful. The Group plan to include this activity again next year with maybe some additional help for Adrian.
    - Concerns were raised over the food sold by the Circus Skillspeople, which had not been properly agreed with the Group in advance. There were issues over selling food for profit at a community event and whether or not we needed a licence to do so. The Group need to investigate this for next year and check with the Urban Circus what exactly they intend to sell on the day and how the money will be used e.g. for charity or profit.
    - A query was raised over our offering toilet facilities. This will be looked into as a possibility for next year's event.
    - The Meadows in a Pot were less successful this year due to the poor quality of the plants, plant pots being too big and pebbles too small. A volunteer has offered to try and grow plants from seed and donate them to next years event to prevent this from happening next year.
    - The refreshment tent raised £399 from donations. This was helped by Tesco, who donated £70 worth of cakes and savouries for the event.
    - T-shirts sold out early this year and so the numbers will be increased next year.
    - There was very good feedback on the Bands. The sound of the music even encouraged some people to the Funday. Steve from Daftasadrum has suggested time slots for the bands next year and is planning a timetable for us.
    - The Group received grants of £500 each from the CIT for tents and Leisure and Learning for the acts.
    - The Wildlife tent proved very popular and the Wildlife Quiz went down well with the children, along with the Minibeast Hunt.
    - The Parachute games were very well attended.
    - It was suggested that buckets could be used to collect donations next year.
    - The PA system was very useful but the Group felt that it would be better to get a small portable back-pack version next year.
    - The raffle was very popular, raising £323. It was suggested that next year more time would need to be donated to announcing the winners and include the names of those businesses who donated prizes. Also the time of the draw needed to be publicised more clearly, and stuck to. The Group would like a raffle again next year, hoping that they might get the same high level of support from local businesses.
    - An issue was raised over parking due to the large number of people attending. It was suggested that helpers park on the grass next year.
    - Good feedback has been received from the public, with the general feeling that the Funday is a good 'community' event.
    - It was suggested extending the official Funday time by 30 minutes next year.
    - The excellent sunny weather helped and the day was attended by over 600 people.
    - Graeme, Elaine and Kerry were the only council representatives present to assist with events on the day. The Friends Group expressed disappointment that there wasn't more representatives and felt they had missed a good opportunity to meet with their community members.
    - The Group was also disappointed with the lack of police presence, despite them being invited, and again it was felt that a good opportunity to mix with the local people had been missed. A community police officer has been appointed for the area and has been in contact with Martin. He is putting an action plan newsletter together that will be published in local schools. It was suggested that he be invited to our next meeting or Action Morning. Martin will contact him.

4. Action Mornings

The next Action Morning is planned for Sunday 20th June. Two tons of stone have been ordered to help repair and improve some of the path work. Graeme is also going to ask for volunteers to help clear the area around the Bath House.

Graeme also suggested cutting the meadow at August's Action Morning using traditional methods.

The benches were planned to be installed during July's Action Morning but this is not possible as the benches can't be delivered in time. This action is postponed.

An issue was raised that the new benches were quite low and that this could be a problem for the elderly and disabled. This was dismissed as the benches have been seen in use without any problems.

The next Action Morning is on July 17th, meeting on the glassland area adjacent to Gledhow Valley Road and Allerton Grange Way. It is planned to do 'chipping' and clear the area around the Bath House.

Adrian confirmed that the 'Chipper man' had agreed to provide a chipper and his services free for one morning provided he is the only one using the machinery and the area is cordoned off. The chippings will be used on the paths.

Graeme suggested doing some fence work near Allerton Grange Croft. The council will provide the material if the Friends do the work.

Martin suggested planting some wild flower plants during September that will flower in spring.

Next Action Mornings

Sunday 20 June
Saturday 17 July

5. AOB

  • BTCV Path Work
    Paul is to work out how much money we have left from the Green Leeds Grant so that we can book the BCTV to do some path work if there is enough. This will free up the Group's time to do other things such as sorting out the lake, meadow cutting, planting etc.

  • Yorkshire Water
    Mervyn has been in contact with Yorkshire Water again to ask them to remove debris from the CSO. This is still to be actioned.

  • Gledhow Lake
    - It was proposed to put a formal plan together regarding the lake. This has been planned for a long time but no action has been taken. Peter agreed to talk to the Ponds conservation Trust to seek guidance on the best way to take this forward and Graeme suggested contacting Fred Duff for Council contacts.
    - The lake is building up with silt and may not be functioning properly as a flood balancing lake.

  • Japanese Knotweed
    Graeme explained the problems in the woods with Japanese Knotweed which is an invasive weed. Some chemical spraying has been done to control the situation but this could take two or three years to fully take effect.

  • Traffic Calming
    Traffic Calming work is expected to start in June.

6. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Sunday 20 June.
  • Core Group Meeting - Thursday 15 July 2004 at the Police Club, Gledhow Lane.
  • Action Morning - Saturday 17 July.

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