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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
16th September 2004

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Adam & Carol Bull, Graeme Ashton, Adrian Coltman, Paul Ellis, Sian Dodderidge, Sue Murray, Jed Hanahoe, Jane Dowson

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 26th August 2004
  3. Matters Arising
  1. Action Mornings
  2. AOB
  3. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies

Peter Foulston, Mike Betteridge, Joan & Mervyn Clayton.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 26th August 2004

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Bat Walk
    Around 40 people enjoyed the Bat Walk led by Graeme Ashton. The bats identified on the walk included Pipistrelles and Daubentons.

  • Risk Assessment
    Peter is continuing to write Risk Assessments for more of the Group's activities.

  • Path Work
    - Adrian is going to write to the Lord Mayor's Office to ask either the Lord Mayor or Deputy Lord Mayor to come and open the path now that it is near completion.
    - The BTCV spent 4-6 days completing the path. Around 15 people per day turned up to help. The Group are very pleased with the work they have done.

  • Benches
    The last 3 benches have arrived and need to be put in the woods. This is in addition to the 6 already in the woods.

  • Photocopier
    The photocopier given to the Group by Bob and Doreen Ward will be transferred to Elaine's office in Meanwood this week.

  • Conservation
    David Heaton who has been active in opposing the building of flats at the top of Little Switzerland has spoken to Martin about turning the area into a conservation area to prevent inappropriate building. He has done extensive research into this and is submitting his proposal to the Council for their consideration. The Group would like to support David and will invite him to a future meeting to discuss this matter further.

  • Bath House
    Joan and Mervyn met with the Yorkshire Evening Post who took pictures of the Bath House and are planning to run a story on it. The Group's aim is to raise the profile of the Bath House to secure its future. The Group would like to support the Bath House but not take full responsibility for it.

  • Green Leeds
    The Green Leeds Grant has now been spent. Statements have been sent on a regular basis but the money is slow to come back. Paul expressed concern over the Group's financial status if we do not receive the grant money soon.

  • White Rose Forest
    The Group has been nominated by Leeds City Council. Gledhow Valley Woods has been put forward as an ancient woodland heritage site along with other woods in the local area. Kirklees Metropolitan Council are submitting a Heritage Lottery activities bid for a five year program. The Group is not sure at this stage what benefit they will receive if the bid is successful.

  • Ponds Trust
    Peter has completed the form discussed at last month's meeting. A meeting is to be arranged for interested parties as the Group is keen to start work on the lake.

4. Action Mornings

The next Action Morning will be on Saturday 18th September and will involve planting wild flower plugs in the meadow. The plants have arrived and there are 180 of each of the 6 different varieties. Graeme has also got some seed that he would like to try out in the area. The area has been rotivated and cleared of grasses in preparation. Litter picking will also take place but no skip will be available. Collection of rubbish will be arranged.

The next Action Morning will be on 16th October and will consist of finishing off and general tidying of the footpaths. Please meet at the junction of Gledhow Lane and Gledhow Valley Road.

Next Action Mornings

Saturday 18 September
Saturday 16 October

5. AOB

  • Phone Masts
    Some phone masts are going to be put on the pavement across the road from the Queen's Arms on Harrogate Road. This has been done with very little communication to the residents. The masts do not need planning permission as they are less than 1.2m high. A meeting took place on 16th September and around 50 people turned up to oppose the phone masts. If you would like to voice your opinion the Group recommend writing to Councillor Fabian Hamilton at 6 Queens Hill Approach, Leeds, LS17 6AY.

  • Traffic Calming
    Adrian has e-mailed Nick Hunt and asked for an update on the traffic calming project. The slow down signs have been installed but are not working yet as they are waiting for Yorkshire Electricity to do the necessary work. The traffic calming was supposed to start in April but no other work has been done yet. Adrian will investigate further.

6. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Saturday 18 September.
  • Core Group Meeting - Thursday 14 October 2004 at the Police Club, Gledhow Lane.
  • Action Morning - Saturday 16 October.

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