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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
9th December 2004

Present: Adrian Coltman (Acting Chair), Peter Foulston, Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 18th November 2004
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Action Mornings
  5. Grant for Web Site Development
  1. Community Chest Grant
  2. FunDay 2005
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies

Martin Calvert, Mike Betteridge.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 18th November 2004

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Photocopier
    Mervyn did not yet have time to check the photocopier to see if he can fix it, but will do so soon.

  • Benches
    The last 3 benches will be put in the woods on Sunday 12th December. Mervyn volunteered to use his van to move the benches as Elaine is unable to attend until 3pm.

  • Ponds Trust
    Peter has sent in our application and will arrange a date with the Ponds Trust and some members of the Group for a site visit early in the new year.

  • Lord Mayor's Visit
    The Lord Mayor's visit to open the path on Saturday 27th November was very well received. There was an article and letter published regarding the visit in the Yorkshire Evening Press. The spring that appeared on the morning of the visit has been diverted and re-routed. The path area is now drying out.

  • Green Leeds
    Paul to update the Group at a later meeting.

  • Civic Trust Evening
    Joan and Mervyn attended on behalf of the Group. Councillor Brenda Lancaster thanked everyone for their hard work. Joan and Mervyn met the Friends of Wyebeck Woods and the Friends of Gipton Woods who were interested in our work. One member was interested in the history of the area and will contact Martin to discuss. They were also introduced to Chris Clark. Joan discussed the problems she had had getting sacks of litter collected when the Group was unable to get a skip. She has been given a contact at Streetscene to prevent the problems happening again.

  • Traffic Calming
    Work is on-going on the Allerton Grange Way junction.

  • Gledhow Conservation Area
    The Group will provide a paper/report on the key parts of Gledhow to help David with the Gledhow Conservation Area project.

4. Action Mornings

Next Action Morning will be on Sunday 9th January 2005. There is some clearing to be done especially brambles. The Group also need to cover up the marks on the trees that were put there to indicate those that should be left alone (as these marks are confusing the public who think the trees are to be cut down!), and put new marks on any trees that do actually need to be felled. The trees that are cut need to be stacked in the correct manner. Please meet at the bench on Gledhow Valley Lane opposite the horses' field.

Next Action Mornings

Sunday 12 December (to install benches)
Sunday 9 January

5. Grant for Web Site Development

Adrian confirmed that the Leeds City Council small grants can be used to fund work on the web site. The Group will apply for the grant and use the money for a gazebo for the FunDay and to fund some extra web site work.

6. Community Chest Grant

The Community Chest Grant of £726 has been spent on tools and safety equipment. A detailed breakdown was shown to the Group.

7. FunDay 2005

FGVW FunDay 2005 is to be held on Saturday 21st May from 1.30pm-4.30pm. Responsibilities for organising the various parts of the FunDay were allocated, as below. FunDay to be discussed in more detail next year.

  • Event permission from Leeds City Council - Martin Calvert.
  • Budget - Paul Ellis.
  • Funding - Martin Calvert.
  • Gazebos - May need to buy one more large tent; already have 4 small gazebos and can borrow Scout tent.
  • Tables & Chairs - The cost of hiring 20 tables and 100 chairs needs to be investigated.
  • Elaine Hill - OK to assist.
  • John Casey - Martin Calvert to contact for permission to use field.
  • Police - Arian Coltman will write to inform the police and to try and persuade a community officer to attend on the day.
  • P.A. System - Peter Foulston to arrange.
  • Refreshments - Martin Calvert to approach Tesco, Debbie to help on day and Joan Clayton to help rally troops.
  • Raffle - Adam & Carol Bull to organise, obtain prizes and run on the day.
  • Programme of Events - Adam Bull to design. Printing to be arranged.
  • Daftasadrum - Hope they can come again.
  • Peace Artists - Hope they can come again, Joan Clayton to contact.
  • Urban Circus - Hope they can come again.
  • Handbells - Decided to leave the handbell ringers out this year as the venue is not really very good for their type of performance.
  • Circus Skills & Tent - Hope they can come again, but need to check their price and what they will be doing re selling food.
  • Face Painters - Martin Calvert to arrange.
  • Woodcraft Folk - Adrian Coltman to arrange.
  • Nestboxes - Joan & Mervyn Clayton. Wood is required asap and requires funding.
  • Meadows in a Pot - Gladys providing wild flowers she has grown herself. Joan & Mervyn to find pots.
  • Parachute Games - John & Jenny to be contacted.
  • Wildlife Tent & Bug Hunt - Martin Calvert to arrange.
  • T-Shirts - Gabby & Caroline Rose to be contacted.
  • Besom Brooms - Joan Clayton to contact Elaine to arrange.
  • St John's Ambulance - Will be needed.
  • Clay Modelling - Adrian Coltman to arrange.
  • Forestry Display - Mervyn Clayton to contact relevant people.
  • Car Parking/Stewarding - To be discussed with Community Police.
  • Schools Competition - Not to be held this year.
  • New Events - Birds of Prey (Joan Clayton to ask Elaine about this); Archive photos of Chapel Allerton.
  • Money Collection/Payment - Paul Ellis to co-ordinate.
  • Setting-up & Dismantling - Everyone to help out!
  • Roping Off Arena - Everyone to help out!
  • Publicity Leaflets & Posters - Adam Bull to design; Peter Foulston to organise printing of posters; Joan Clayton to co-ordinate leaflet distribution, possibly involving Bob.
  • Risk Assessment/Safety/Fire Precautions - To be discussed.

8. AOB

  • Pollution Hazard
    Mervyn raised the issue of a 45 gallon drum of bitumen emulsion being in the stream. He thinks it could be a pollution hazard. Joan agreed to contact the environmental agency.

  • Chapel Allerton Guide
    Adam said that he had been contacted to see if the Group would like to pay to be mentioned in the Chapel Allerton Guide. The Group declined.

  • New Grant Sources
    Donna has been busy getting information on grants. She has also been looking at Fund Finder places. She also got information on the Local Heritage initiative. Joan suggested Paul may wish to look at it in relation to getting funding for Bath House. Adam suggested that we could use Voluntary Action Leeds' Fund Finding software (VAL) free of charge.

  • Picture of Change Competition
    Peter raised a competition called 'Picture of Change'. The Group could win a £1,000 prize if successful. We need to show how the community is working together to improve the `green neighbourhood'. Adam agreed to put an entry together, although time is very short before the competition closes.

9. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Sunday 12 December 2004 (to install benches).
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM) - Friday 7th January 2005 at the Police Club, Gledhow Lane.
  • Action Morning - Sunday 9 January 2005.

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