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Minutes of Annual General Meeting
7th January 2005

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Adrian Coltman (Secretary), Paul Ellis (Treasurer), Adam & Carol (Minutes Secretary) Bull, Peter Foulston, Joan & Mervyn Clayton, John & Jenny Farley, Brenda & Ralph Lancaster.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the last AGM 01-12-2003
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Chair's Report
  1. Treasurer's Report
  2. Election of Officers
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Mike Betteridge, Andy Brown, Claire Welling, Dorothy Carter, Iris Abis.

2. Minutes of the last AGM 01-12-2003

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising


4. Chair's Report

2004 has been another busy year for the Group. The major highlights were the FunDay in May, the Lord Mayor's visit in November and the web site winning an award.

  • FunDay
    This year's event was the most successful ever, held on a glorious Saturday in May, and was attended somewhere in the region of 800 people. The FunDay provides the ideal opportunity to inform local people of our existence and of the work we do. The support of local businesses for this years innovative raffle, the generosity of Tesco, and three grants from Leeds City Council enabled us to make a healthy surplus which has already been spent on projects in the woods.

  • Lord Mayor's visit
    After 12 months of hard slog constructing many metres of path and 3 bench installation sessions, we were able to invite the Lord Mayor of Leeds to officially open the path from Allerton Grange Way to Gledhow Lane. We had a lovely afternoon, celebrating with champagne and Christmas cake.

  • FGVW Website: www.fgvw.co.uk
    We now have an award winning website that continues to inform the world of developments in the Gledhow Valley. It is invaluable to the Group. Thank you to Adam and Carol.

  • Action Mornings
    A record of 11 Action Mornings were held in 2004. We installed 9 benches; shifted countless tonnes of sandstone in constructing the path; mowed the meadow; planted more wild flowers; and under the guidance of Chief Forestry Officer Justin Williamson, had our first foray into woodland management. We can now hold Action Mornings to improve specific areas of the woods using the techniques advised by Justin. Our first such morning will be this Sunday 9th January.

  • Green Leeds
    Many thanks to Sue Lumby at Green Leeds for her help with this grant. It paid for materials for path construction, 9 benches and postmix concrete and for the BTCV to come in on two occasions to tackle sections of the path.

  • Traffic Calming
    This project has now started with erection of two speed warning signs and the re-modelling of the Allerton Grange Way/Gledhow Valley Road junction.

  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO)
    The 2 improved CSO's are still not functioning properly as they have to be regularly jetted clean by tanker to prevent them discharging into the stream. Yorkshire Water are painfully aware of the situation, and are trying to decide whether it is better to install an extremely expensive self-cleaning system or to keep using the tankers.

  • Bat Walk
    Graeme Ashton led a very successful evening walk in September, with around 40 people in attendance.

  • The Meadow
    The area below the lake was mowed and raked in August, followed by a wild flower planting session in September. We may see some results of our labour this year and we intend to persevere with this project.

  • Grants
    As well as the Green Leeds and FunDay grants, we successfully applied for grants from the Leeds Children's Fund and the Community Chest. The Leeds Children's Fund provided safety clothing and funding for the poster competition, and the Community Chest enabled us to improve our stock of tools. We are grateful to all our grant sources. Thanks to Donna Riganas for all her efforts in providing information and help in securing these grants.

  • Conclusion
    - Many thanks to all the Friends for your continued support.
    - Thanks to Graeme Ashton for his support. He has moved on within the Council and we wish him well.
    - Elaine Hill the Meanwood Valley Ranger is always around with practical help and advice. The FunDay would not happen without her presence. Thank you Elaine.
    - Thank you to Councillors Lancaster, Harker and Dowson for their support.
    - Now to the Core Group. I must single out Mervyn Clayton for all his extra efforts, namely as strimmer man keeping the areas around the benches tidy, as nestbox kit maker and as our Chief Engineer. Thank you Mervyn.
    - Finally, thank you to the Core Group for you attendance and the varied specialities that you all bring to the Group. Have a good 2005.

5. Treasurer's Report

There was much more movement in and out of the Accounts than in previous years. Lessons have been learnt in how to record accounts especially from the Green Leeds Grant which operated differently to all the other grants. With most Grants we receive the money first and then spend it but in the case of the Green Leeds Grant we spent the money and then submitted the invoices.

The current balance is £531.27 with a further £1,035.43 in the reserve account. Paul also provided a full breakdown of the expenditure relating to the Fun Day. This provided some excellent funding of £2,377.26.

6. Election of Officers

The following were nominated and seconded as officers of the Core Group:

  • Chair - Martin Calvert
  • Treasurer - Paul Ellis
  • Secretary - Adrian Coltman
  • Minutes Secretary - Carol Bull

7. AOB

  • Web Site Update
    Adam provided an update on the web site which now contains over 175 pages and 780 pictures. It is receiving 70 to 80 visitors per day. There are approximately 100 people now on the e-mail mailing list.

  • Thanks to the Group
    Nancy Hall and Lorna Arblaster e-mailed their thanks to the Group for their work in the woods.

  • Flooding Investigation
    Rosemary Clay (Roundhay Lib. Dems) has asked residents from Gledhow Valley Road to pass on relevant evidence for an enquiry into the recent floods. Residents are welcome to phone her on 0113 293 1771.

  • Recycling Litter Collected on Action Mornings
    (Raised by Andy Brown and Claire Welling via e-mail)
    The Group considered the proposal and decided that whilst it was a good idea, that is was unfair to expect people to sort other people's rubbish into recycling piles. Also, it would impractical to carry lots of different bags round to sort rubbish as it was collected. It was decided to encourage people to use the new recycling bins that have been put down Gledhow Valley Road as an interim measure.

  • Leeds Walking Festival
    (Raised by Andy Brown and Claire Welling via e-mail)
    It was suggest that the Group use historical links with Richard Lancaster to perhaps organise a short walk through the woods in July as part of the Leeds Walking Festical. The Group were happy to take this idea forward, and it will be discussed in a future Core Group Meeting.

  • Orienteering Map of Gledhow Valley Woods
    (Raised by Andy Brown and Claire Welling via e-mail)
    The Group were informed that a 1:7000 orienteering map exists of the woods. The Group were very interested and would like to see a copy. This may be useful for school visits to the woods.

  • Grimshaw Painting
    Joan raised the recent press article on the Grimshaw painting of Gledhow Valley Woods which has come up for auction and valued at around £350,000. The Group was disappointed to hear that Leeds City Council have stated that they do not have the funds to buy it.

  • Volunteer Hours
    Paul has been keeping a record of the number of hours put in by volunteers over the year. So far around 815 hours has been put in by 80 people. A special mention goes to Mervyn who has put in over 50 hours. The group agreed that it was worth continuing with the records as it would provide good evidence for getting future grants.

  • Ponds Trust
    Peter went with Hugh Roberts from the Ponds Trust to look at the lake. He is very interested and also aware of lots of grants available. It is hoped that Hugh will attend a future Friends meeting to discuss further.

  • Sounds of the Woods
    Jenny mentioned the 'Sounds of the Woods' area in the local Library.

  • Keeping an Eye on Leeds
    Martin has been sent minutes regularly from 'Keeping an Eye on Leeds'. Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting and there are open days next week.

8. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Sunday 9 January 2005
  • Core Group Meeting - Thursday 17 February 2005 at the Police Club, Gledhow Lane.
  • Action Morning - Saturday 19 February 2005.

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