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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
1st September 2005

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Peter Foulston, Adrian Coltman, Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Paul Ellis, Mike Betteridge, Sian Dodderidge

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 21st July 2005
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Chapel Allerton Festival
  1. Heritage Open Day
  2. Action Mornings
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence


2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 21st July 2005

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising


4. Chapel Allerton Festival

The FGVW Chapel Allerton Festival stall will be open on 3 September from 11 - 5pm.

The proposed timetable is:

10 am - Set up by Adrian, Martin and Adam
11 am - Adam
12 pm - Peter
1 pm - Peter, Mervyn/Joan
2 pm - Adrian, Mervyn/Joan
3 pm - Adrian and Paul
4 pm - Sian
5 pm - Dismantle

Mike also offered to help later on in the afternoon, and Adam and Carol said that they intended to be there most of the day.

  • Adam displayed the 'Hunt the Duck' game to the Group. The prizes include 8 disposable cameras and 2 £10 book tokens.
  • Adrian will bring the display boards with him.
  • Martin agreed to take a gazebo just in case it was needed. Joan suggested also taking an umbrella in case there wasn't enough room for a gazebo.
  • The Group will not find out which table they have been allocated until on the day.
  • Adrian to supply flyers to promote the Heritage Open Day and the Gipton Spa Bath House.
  • Adam showed the Christmas card packs to the Group which will be sold on the day.
  • Set up for the Festival starts at 9.30am
  • Mike and Sian also volunteered to help on the day. Paul is no longer available to help so Sian will be his substitute.
  • Sian agreed to bring two folding chairs.
  • Martin will pick up Adam around 9am to transport him and the merchandise to the Festival.
  • Adrian will make his own way there.
  • Martin agreed to provide a cover for the table and the FGVW banner.
  • Adam agreed to provide bank bags and a small float.
  • Martin agreed to bring a donation box.
  • Adrian agreed to bring some FGVW joining leaflets.

5. Heritage Open Day

The Heritage Open Day, which includes the opening of the Bath House to the public, will take place on 10th and 11th September from 2pm to 4pm.

The Group agreed:

  • Mervyn agreed to bring the 9m gazebo to put up.
  • Bunting will be put up in the trees.
  • Sian suggested a leaflet giving details on the Bath House. Martin will produce the leaflet using details off the web site and will print approx 100.
  • Adrian will borrow some tables and chairs.
  • Martin agreed to bring refreshments such as tea, coffee, squash, cakes and biscuits. Elaine has provided some flasks which Joan will bring on the day filled with hot water. Dorothy Carter and Mike have agreed to do some baking. Any other baking will be very welcome.
  • Elaine to provide some cups and some oil lamps.
  • Mervyn has the keys.
  • The graffiti needs removing or covering up. Martin to ask Elaine what can be used to remove it.
  • Martin will bring a donation box.
  • Adrian agreed to do some 'risk' notices and do a risk assessment.
  • It was suggested that everyone study the information on the Bath House so that they could answer any questions on the day.
  • It was agreed that a minimum of 5 volunteers were needed there at any one point. All volunteers to meet to help set everything up at 12.30pm.
  • Adrian suggested that the volunteers wear FGVW badges. Adam will provide them.
  • Paul agreed to supply some raffle tickets in case large numbers turned up. Due to the size of the Bath House numbers inside will be restricted to a maximum of 10.
  • Adrian agreed to supply a first aid kit.
  • Adrian to provide a 'gripping' mat as one of the stones is slippery.
  • Martin and Mervyn agreed to go to the Bath House a few days beforehand to clear up and remove any leaves.
  • Adam agreed to bring and organise the merchandise.
  • Martin agreed to bring the FGVW banner.
  • Some poster have been put up promoting the day.

6. Action Mornings

The last Action Morning was on 10th July and the group was mostly involved in cleaning the Bath House and clearing the area in readiness for the Heritage Open Weekend in September.

The date of the next Action Morning is yet to be agreed. It will take place in September. Elaine has agreed to cut the meadow grass mid-week so that the next Action Morning can be used to gather the grass. Yorkshire Water is also providing an Action Morning team in the future as part of the 'Action in the Community' project. They will install 2 gabions in Gledhow Beck. A date has yet to be agreed. Elaine will have to carry out a crayfish study 48 hours before and after the gabions are put in.

Next Action Morning

To be decided.

7. AOB

  • Display Board
    The Group have been investigating the costs of getting their own set of display boards. Mervyn and Adam have received some quotes and will liase with Adrian. Paul will look into whether or not the Group can use the grant it received for signage. Adrian will look into other Grant opportunities to cover the cost.

  • FGVW Leaflet
    An example of a FGVW Leaflet, which was designed and supplied by Adam, was submitted to the Group for comment. Adam also provided quotes for having the leaflet printed. Adrian agreed to look for Grants to cover the costs. Martin agreed to contact the Council to see if any MICE money was available. The Group suggested adding some useful contact numbers to the leaflet such as the Environment Agency and Park Watch.

  • Michael Freeman Donation
    A donation for £92 was received by the Group. This was from the sale of Michael Freeman's paintings that took place at an exhibition in Chapel Allerton. The Group would like to thank Michael Freeman for his generosity, and Paul agreed to send him a letter of thanks.

  • Gardens Day Donations
    The Group are expecting to receive a donation from selling refreshments at the Open Gardens Day that took place in June around Gledhow Park Road. Martin will check this out and collect the laminated prints.

  • Norwich Union Intranet
    Carol is featured on the Norwich Union intranet site this month. The article covers the work done by the Group and explains how important the Norwich Union Community Sponsorship Grant is to the Group.

  • Ecology Building Society Grant
    The Group thanked Paul for the grant of £600 from the Ecology Building Society. The Group will be featured in their next newsletter.

  • Skip Required
    Mike suggested that a skip would be needed to remove some kitchen units and doors that had been dumped in the woods. The Group are concerned that these could block the stream. It was suggested that volunteers could drag the debris out of the steam and move them so that they could be collected in John Casey's trailer.

  • Kingfisher Sightings
    Joan informed the Group that the kingfisher had been spotted on several occasions near the lake recently.

  • Tree Cutting
    Adrian raised some concern over some bad tree cutting. The Group will keep an eye on proceedings as it is worried that this is on private land and that they could be clearing the trees for access and/or future building plans. Martin agreed to e-mail Justin to see if he could find out anything.

  • Ponds Trust
    Peter and Mervyn agreed to discuss potential meeting dates for the Ponds Trust to attend.

  • Traffic Calming
    Adrian agreed to e-mail and thank the council for completing the traffic calming work. He will also ask if there are any plans to introduce 30mph signs. Although these are not compulsory the Group agreed that they would be useful since people have been used to a faster speed limit for many years. The traffic appears to have slowed down and this will be monitored when the school term starts again.

8. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - To be arranged.
  • Core Group Meeting - To be arranged.

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