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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
9th March 2006

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Adam & Carol Bull, Paul Ellis, Adrian Coltman, Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Peter Foulston, Mike Betteridge, John and Lynn Asplend, James Mudd, Carl Richman.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 9th February 2006
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Action Mornings
  6. FGVW Leaflets
  7. Chapel Allerton Monthly Pocket Book
  1. Grants Sub-Committee
  2. FunDay 2006
  3. Christmas Cards & Notelets
  4. Management Plan
  5. AOB
  6. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Sian Dodderidge.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 9th February 2006

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Gabions
    Martin has arranged a meeting with Morrisons regarding the gabion work. The person who agreed the work has since left the company and so Martin has arranged a site visit to carry out risk assessment work at 2.30pm. The crayfish survey will be completed by Elaine once the Environment Agency has been in contact and a date agreed for the work to be completed.

  • Grants Committee
    Elaine Hill has a place on the Grants Committee, so the Group may be able to find out about fund raising opportunities.

  • Action Morning Posters
    New posters have been put up in the woods with bigger, bolder text to try and attract more people to read them. Joan suggested asking any new comers to the Action Mornings where they had heard about them when doing the Action Morning Attendance Register.

  • Recycling Action Morning Litter
    Some concern has been raised by Group members over recycling. Andy Brown went through the rubbish collected at the last Action Morning and sorted out the recyclable material. There was a large number of leaflets dumped in the woods - the company was notified and will be speaking to their leaflet distributor. A dog lead and collar was returned to its owner and cans and bottles were disposed of in the green recycle bins in the woods.

4. Correspondence

  • None.

5. Action Mornings

The next Action Morning is Sunday 12th March. Eight tons of stone and wood will be delivered for use in path maintenance work. Meet by the old car park. Elaine has agreed to bring some extra wheelbarrows.

Next Action Mornings

Sunday 12th March 2006
Sunday 7th May 2006
Sunday 25th June 2006
Saturday 22nd July 2006

6. FGVW Leaflets

Adam showed a leaflet he had been working on for the Group to discuss. He had e-mailed members for ideas on what information to add in the remaining gaps. When the best ideas have been incorporated Adam plans to e-mail members again for agreement. The leaflet will include details of the FunDay and Open Heritage Day. The Group agreed to print it on recycled paper if possible.

7. Chapel Allerton Monthly Pocket Book

Adrian agreed to contact the Pocket Book people to see if they would be interested in including an article on the Groups activities in the next edition.

8. Grants Sub-Committee

  • Elaine went to a Grants Meeting yesterday and has agreed to meet with Joan on Sunday to discuss what happened at the meeting and arrange a date for the Grants sub-committee to meet.
  • Adrian has contacted the Area Committee and has been told that the Groups application is in progress.
  • The Landfill Grants used for conservation was also raised as a potential grant for the Group.
  • Martin is looking into the Floral Fund to use for the FunDay. He will pass the details on to Adrian to investigate.

9. FunDay 2006

Martin has called Andrew Sykes to chase a reply from the Council for agreement to run the FunDay. This is needed for the public liability insurance.

Members of the Group need to contact various people and get their commitment to attend the FunDay. These include:

  • Elaine has agreed to attend.
  • John Casey has been informed.
  • Refreshments - Martin agreed to contact Somerfield for refreshment support.
  • T-Shirt Painting - Martin investigating T-shirts. Volunteers from the Dentist have agreed to man the stall.
  • Owl Demonstration - Adrian has arranged to see someone who is doing a demonstration at the school. Also Penny Keech is unable to attend this year but has recommended someone else. Martin to contact them in March as they are in the process of moving premises.
  • Bands - The East Steel band has confirmed they will be attending.
  • Leeds Morris Men - Are unable to attend.
  • Urban Circus - We will try to book again, but Peter has been unable to get in contact with him yet.
  • Firefighters - Joan and Mervyn will try to book them again.
  • Face Painters - Two have been booked but we may look for a third.
  • Bird Boxes - The wood has been ordered and will be delivered on Friday.
  • Beekeeper - Has agreed to attend.
  • Woodcraft Folk - Have agreed to attend.
  • Clay Modelling - Volunteers needed. It was suggested that an e-mail or note on the web site was put out asking for volunteers.
  • Meadows in a Pot - Gladys has already planting some wildflower seeds. She is also looking into selling plants on the day. She has been checking the price of plants and may do some hanging baskets. She is also looking for volunteers to grow plants from seeds and cuttings to help out.
  • Forestry People - Have agreed to come, along with the Chainsaw people.
  • Chainsaw Sculpture - The Group agreed to run an auction at the end of the FunDay to auction off the wooden articles.
  • Raffle - Adam agreed to contact local businesses regarding raffle prizes. Chris from the surgery has volunteered to help with the Raffle.
  • FGVW Display - The Group agreed that we did not advertise enough and will work on a better display and prominence at the next FunDay.
  • Wooden Tree - Donna sent a suggestion to provide a wooden tree which she could add stuffed animals on for the children.
  • Puppeteer - Martin has been in contact with them and they suggested doing a puppet workshop. Martin to obtain further details.
  • Local History & Geneology - Robin Dove has agreed to attend.
  • Hunt the Duck - Adam agreed to do a Hunt the Duck game as it was very popular at the Chapel Allerton Festival.
  • Airedale/Park Lane College - Joan and Mervyn chasing up
  • Daftasadrum - Has agreed to attend.
  • Parachute Games - Martin agreed to sort out.
  • P.A. System - Martin agreed to ask Peter about this.
  • Tables & Chairs - Martin agreed to order chairs and tables but has been unable to contact Curlew regarding a price.

The Group has been looking into buying display boards. Adam sent details to Adrian and Paul for comment. The Group agreed to buy aluminium boards at a cost of £500-£800. Adam agreed liase with Paul to find the best price and to order them.

The Group decided to print 5,000 flyers. Joan to ask Elaine how many she can do. Adrian agreed to do 500 A4 sheets, Paul agreed to do 500 A4 sheets. Joan to ask Phil if he can guillotine them. The Group agreed to distribute them.

Adrian suggested a "children's play area" with hoops and ropes etc., which he may be able to supply.

The Group agreed that there would be no toilets. Although Elaine thought that her manager may provide toilets at no extra cost to the Group as he had suggested it at last years FunDay.

Adam agreed to produce a FunDay poster. The Group agreed to keep the design the same as last year and just alter the text. Adrian agreed to print some of them.

10. Christmas Cards & Notelets

Although it is too early to produce Christmas Cards the Group suggested producing notelets to sell at the FunDay. Adam produced 4 sample cards for the Group to discuss. The bluebell and bath house designs were the most popular and the Group agreed that an inscription should be added.

The bridge photo previously used as a postcard was also suggested as an idea. Adam agreed to check the price and send an e-mail round the members confirming costs and which pictures to use.

11. Management Plan

Jim has attended some BTCV courses on Woodland Management Plans and asked the Group if he could do a 5 year plan on Gledhow Woods. The last plan was completed for the Group approx 5 years ago but was not completed in full and no action was taken. The idea of a new plan was well received by the Group and permission was granted to Jim to start by completing a survey of the woods. It was also suggested that Jim discussed his plans with Elaine.

12. Any Other Business

  • Conservation Area
    John and Lynn Aspland attended the meeting. They have been working on a report to include Gledhow Woods as part of a Conservation Area. David Heatton has now completed the text and Lynn has done extensive research into the history of Gledhow Hall, Oakley House, Bracken Cottage and the surrounding area. They would like to include the woods in their research and wished to discuss this with the Group. The final report will be submitted to the Council to recommend where grants need to be used and which areas need to be preserved and to determine conservation status. Adam agreed to supply Lynn with the map of the woods he created, for use in the report. A public meeting will be held and leaflet drop sent to all interested parties in the area. It was suggested that the FGVW leaflet could be included in this delivery.

  • Bath House Funding
    The Group has not had any news on the Bath House from the Council who agreed in a local newspaper article that it would be included when allocated funding for restoration. Joan agreed to get in contact and obtain an update.

  • Action Morning Flasks
    It was suggested that the Group buy some flasks for the Action Mornings rather than using Elaine's.

  • Leeds Voice
    Carl Richman attended a Leeds Voice meeting where they discussed the water issues and the quality of the lake water. He agreed to include any water issues the Group had at the next meeting if necessary.

  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)
    The CSO on Harrogate Road is under investigation by the Group again. Joan expressed concern to the Group that she did not think it was working again. Land Drainage is now looking at the CSO every two weeks as it keeps getting blocked.

13. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Sun 12th Mar 2006.
  • FunDay Meeting - Thu 6th April (to discuss the FunDay arrangements only)
  • Core Group Meeting - Thu 4th May 2006, 8pm at the Police Club, Gledhow Lane.
  • Action Morning - Sun 7th May 2006
  • Action Morning - Sun 25th June 2006
  • Action Morning - Sat 22nd July 2006

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