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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
14th June 2007

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Mervyn & Joan Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Mike Betteridge, Peter Foulston.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 5th Jun 2007
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. 106 Grant Update
  1. Action Mornings
  2. FunDay 2007
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Sian Dodderidge, Paul Ellis.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 5th Jun 2007

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Leeds FM Interview
    Peter was interviewed by Leeds FM which he has recorded.
  • Portable Generator
    The Group has bought a portable generator, initially for use at the upcoming FunDay. Martin has tried using the microphone and various electrical equipment and it works OK.

4. Correspondence


5. 106 Grant Update

The July Action Morning will consist of some footpath work and improving the steps previously put in by BTCV as some areas are being worn away and are getting muddy. Volunteers to meet opposite the horses' field on Gledhow Valley Road.

September's Action Morning will include cutting the meadow, planting wildflowers and clearing the Bath House ready for the Heritage Open Days. Volunteers to meet at the meadow at the end of the lake.

6. Action Mornings

Next Action Mornings

  • Sunday 22nd July 2007
  • Sunday 2nd September 2007
  • Saturday 6th October 2007
  • Sunday 11th November 2007
  • Saturday 8th December 2007

7. FunDay 2007

  • LCC Permission - The Group has not yet received confirmation from LCC that the event can go ahead, although this is not unusual!
  • Elaine Hill - Attending. 30 tables and 60 chairs, a marquee and some toilets have been ordered at a cost of approximately £700 (hopefully covered by LCC).
  • John Casey - Informed. The grass has been cut and John has agreed to bring the fire extinguishers.
  • Risk Assessments - Martin to liaise with Elaine/Steve.
  • Grants - £200 MICE money and £250 grant from Tesco received so far.
  • Posters - Have been printed and distributed to local schools, businesses and woods.
  • Programme - Has been completed.
  • Flyers - 5,000 have been distributed to local schools and libraries.
  • Chapel Allerton Magazine - Advert submitted by Adrian.
  • Refreshments - Received £250 from Tesco although this may be used to help pay for the turns, and £5 from Sainsbury's. Need as much home baking as possible. Please encourage all supporters.
  • Gazebos - 6 or 7 large FGVW and 5 small FGVW. Phil's Scout tent. Paul's tent, Heather's gazebo, Elaine's marquee.
  • PA System - Martin to provide.
  • St Johns Ambulance - Application approved.
  • Turns - Daftasadrum confirmed. East Steelers declined. Samba Band from Rossett, and Adrian's band. Urban Circus agreed subject to final confirmation.
  • LCC Forestry & Dale the Chainsaw Man - LCC agreed to attend but have pulled out at the last minute due to a commitment the previous weekend. Dale will attend on his own.
  • Raffle - Adam to scrounge prizes and organise. Prize fund is already at £700, including a very generous £100 gift voucher from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative, £68 of Leeds Rhino tickets from the Leeds Building Society, and a £50 mirror from Mungai Mirrors.
  • Hunt the Duck - Adam to organise.
  • FGVW Display - Adam and Adrian.
  • Local History/Genealogy - Robin Dove has declined.
  • Parachute Games - John Farley invited. We have a parachute.
  • T-Shirt Design - Plenty of t-shirts in stock from last year.
  • Firefighters - James has agreed to attend.
  • Police/PCSO's - Agreed.
  • Wooden Tree - Donna confirmed.
  • Owl Man - Confirmed.
  • Beekeeper - David attending.
  • Hedgehogs, etc. - Jenny Beecher and Pennie Keech both unavailable. Sue Charlton has agreed to come and release some hedgehogs.
  • Tadpoles/Frogs - Unavailable.
  • Wildlife Quiz - Rodley Nature Reserve unable to attend. Elaine has agreed to bring one.
  • Bug Hunt - Subject to manpower.
  • Bird Boxes - Wood has been delivered and Mervyn has been working on preparing the bird boxes. They are 16 made up and approx 50 kits.
  • Plants - Joan has been busy potting plants and asked the Group for plant donations for the FunDay.
  • Clay Modelling - Woodcraft folk may be doing this.
  • Woodcraft Folk - Attending.
  • Face Painters - Two confirmed, one of the regulars pulled out. Rainbow instead.
  • Turns/Timetable - Peter/Martin.
  • Roping Off - Peter.
  • Setting Up - From 7.30am sharp please.
  • Vegan Society - Request for stall turned down.
  • Herbal Medicine Stall - Donald Purves confirmed.
  • Morris Men - Unable to attend.
  • Ferrets/Skunk Person - Unable to attend.
  • Storyteller - Suggested by Steve.
  • Conservation Area Committee - Agreed, but can't come if weather too wet.
  • Animal Protection Stall - Agreed.
  • Radish Stall - Agreed.
  • Ferret Rescue - Unable to attend.
  • Wishing Tree - Lynne unavailable this year.
  • Green Footprints - Unavailable to attend

Martin has contacted Elaine to discuss what equipment she can bring on the FunDay.

The Group agreed to put wood chippings and straw down. Martin is also going to enquire about some matting. Some woodchips have arrived ready for the FunDay. More is due on Friday. The Group agreed to order some straw bales as well due to the bad weather this week.

The Group agreed that due to the wet weather this week no vehicles would be allowed on the field.

Steve from Parks & Countryside has been signed off work sick for several weeks so is unable to attend.

Emma from Parks & Countryside has lent the Group some extra display boards which Adrian is going to set up.

Donation boxes required.

Joan has allocated volunteers to various tasks but is short on raffle sellers and the T-shirt stall. Peter volunteered Robbie for the T Shirt stall.

The bin liners have arrived.

We have 3 tarpaulins available.

8. AOB

  • Council Lake Work
    The Council are currently doing some work around the lake which includes putting up a fence and Health & Safety signs.
  • Bench Height
    Joan and Mervyn raised the issue of some new regulations which specified that benches in parks should be a certain height. Martin agreed to ask Fred Duff about it during the site visit along with the new path specifications.
  • Sewage Problems
    Joan told the Group about the sewage that was in the stream today and stated that she had reported a blocked drain near Gledhow Lane.
  • Tree Down
    Martin told the Group about a tree that had come down blocking Gledhow Lane.

9. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Family FunDay - Sat 16th June 2007
  • Core Group Meeting - Thu 12th July 2007 at the Police Club, Gledhow Lane
  • Core Group Meeting - Thu 19th July 2007 at the Police Club, Gledhow Lane
  • Action Morning - Sunday 22nd July 2007
  • Action Morning - Sunday 2nd September 2007
  • Action Morning - Saturday 6th October 2007
  • Action Morning - Sunday 11th November 2007
  • Action Morning - Saturday 8th December 2007

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