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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
12th July 2007

Note: This meeting was held to discuss the 2007 FunDay only.

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Mervyn & Joan Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Mike Betteridge, Peter Foulston, Paul Ellis, Cllr. Valerie Kendall.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 14th Jun 2007
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. 106 Grant Update
  1. Action Mornings
  2. FunDay 2007
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence


2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 14th Jun 2007

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

Held over for next meeting.

4. Correspondence

Held over for next meeting.

5. 106 Grant Update

Held over for next meeting.

6. Action Mornings

Held over for next meeting.

7. FunDay 2007

Paul discussed the accounting with the Group. This year's FunDay had been the most profitable over the 8 years despite the Group receiving far less grants. There was a surplus of over £440 over and above the previous highest amount.

Paul queried the merchandise entry. In 2005 the cost of the merchandise was taken into account (since merchandise was specially produced in time for the FunDay), but since then none has been itemised in FunDay accounts. Adam agreed to look at the costs this year so Paul could adjust the figures if necessary.

The highest takings were on the Raffle.

The Group are still waiting for the £250 grant offered by Tesco, but it was expected that this would take time.

Meadows/Plants stall, Refreshments, Donna and the Raffle all had their best year.

Adam sent an e-mail round to all the volunteers who helped on the day to thank them. Joan agreed to send letters round to those who did not have e-mail.

The Group wrote and thanked Rosset School. The Head Teacher has wrote back thanking us for our letter and stating how much they had enjoyed the event.

Various members of the Group have received positive feedback on the event.

The Group agreed to hold another FunDay next year and went through the list discussing what had worked well and should be included next year.

  • Leeds City Council - Covered the cost of 30 tables and 60 chairs, a marquee and some toilets.
  • John Casey - Grass cutting was excellent.
  • Posters - Were distributed to local schools, businesses and woods. The Group agreed that this is the best way to promote the event. The radio show done by Peter also helped.
  • Programme - Joan raised issues that this was not necessary as people did not want to distribute them or accept them. There was some debate amongst the Group and they agreed to just do a few next year and leave them for people to pick up if they wanted to rather than hand them out.
  • Flyers - 5,000 were distributed to local schools and libraries and the Group agreed this was about right.
  • Chapel Allerton Magazine - The Group were pleased with the advert which also appeared in the Moortown magazine.
  • Refreshments - There was less home baking this year however Joan mentioned that the poor weather the previous day had been a contributing factor and put many people off baking due to low numbers expected. The Group are still waiting for the £250 grant from Tesco.
  • Gazebos - The Group have 6 large gazebos, 4 pop-up, 6 small gazebos and the loan of the scout tent. The Group agreed to buy more pop-up gazebos during the sales with the profit made from the FunDay. The Group also agreed to loan Radish a gazebo for the Ilkley Festival.
  • PA System - The Group were happy with the PA system and agreed a hands-free microphone was better.
  • St Johns Ambulance - Agreed for next year.
  • Turns - Daftasadrum was very busy and may need more stewardship next year to control the children. Steve would like to attend next year and has offered a raffle prize of a drum session. The Samba Band from Rossett was well received but there was some debate over the North East Jazz Orchestra in that they may not have been as exciting. Paul suggested asking the Peace Artists to attend next year. The Urban Circus was very popular, as always, although Joan raised concerns over the safety of children being close to the fire. This may need investigating further next year.
  • LCC Forestry & Dale the Chainsaw Man - LCC agreed to attend but pulled out at the last minute due to a commitment the previous weekend. Dale attended and was popular. There was some confusion over the raffle he did for the wood statues. The Group agreed that 2 raffles were confusing and they would need to do this differently next year.
  • Raffle - Extremely successful. The Group thanked Adam for collecting the prizes from local businesses. The £100 voucher from Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative was especially appreciated.
  • Hunt the Bears - Was very popular.
  • FGVW Display - Adam and Adrian.
  • Local History/Genealogy - Robin Dove would like to attend next year.
  • Parachute Games - Jenny organised this on her own and enjoyed doing it.
  • T-Shirt Design - Need more smaller sizes, age 3-4, 5-6 next year.
  • Firefighters - Attended briefly as they were called to an emergency.
  • Police/PCSO's - Attended.
  • Wooden Tree - Donna's stall proved very successful.
  • Owl Man - Didn't turn up.
  • Beekeeper - The Group agreed that they would like to ask him to attend next year.
  • Hedgehogs, etc. - The Group would like to ask Sue Charlton to come again and to advertise the hedgehog feeding times more prominently.
  • Tadpoles/Frogs - Unavailable due to the later date of the FunDay this year.
  • Wildlife Quiz - Elaine is sorting out the prize.
  • Bug Hunt - Didn't happen because it was too wet.
  • Bird Boxes - The made up bird boxes did not sell. Mervyn agreed that 50 -55 kits were about right although on a good day they might need 60-70.
  • Plants - Need 2 tents next year. Some volunteers have already started growing plants ready for next year.
  • Clay Modelling - Wasn't done this year due to lack of manpower but Joan has a volunteer to do it next year.
  • Woodcraft Folk - The Group agreed to invite them next year.
  • Face Painters - Two new face painters were well received and there were no huge queues as in last year's event due to their efficiency.
  • Turns/Timetable - Peter/Martin.
  • Roping Off - Peter.
  • Setting Up - Started at 7.30am.
  • Vegan Society - Request for stall turned down.
  • Herbal Medicine Stall - Donald Purves is happy to attend next year. He has also agreed to do some more Herb walks in the woods for the Group.
  • Morris Men - Unable to attend.
  • Ferrets/Skunk Person - Unable to attend.
  • Storyteller - Suggested by Steve.
  • Conservation Area Committee - They were able to speak to lots of local people on the day about their work.
  • Animal Protection Stall - Joan and Mike raised concerns about some of the material and if it was suitable for young children. This will be looked at more closely next year.
  • Radish Stall - Did quite well and gave a donation to the Group based on their takings. They now have a better understanding of what sells at this type of event and will change their stock accordingly if they attend next year.
  • Ferret Rescue - Unable to attend.
  • Wishing Tree - Lynne unavailable this year.
  • Green Footprints - Unavailable to attend.

Joan asked the Group to consider having the Willow people back next year. Other suggestions for next year included Montreal Dentistry display for children, Ferrets and Morris men. Any other suggestions would be welcome by the Group.

People were please with the straw bales, especially for sitting on. The Group agreed to do this again next year. Martin is going to save the contact details.

There was some debate over the use and clearance of the woodchips used. Martin suggested putting the chips on matting next year to make it easier to clear up. The matting could be re-used afterwards for path work in the woods. Joan was annoyed that she and Mervyn had had to spend all day Sunday clearing up the woodchips. Other members of the Group said that they had not known of the extent of the problem and would have helped. Everyone agreed that this would need to be better organised this year so that the woodchips were cleared away more quickly and easier and not left to just two members to deal with.

A provisional date of Saturday 14th June 2008 was set for next year's FunDay. This is subject to key people being available.

8. AOB

Held over for next meeting.

9. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Core Group Meeting - Thu 19th July 2007 at the Police Club, Gledhow Lane
  • Action Morning - Sunday 22nd July 2007
  • Action Morning - Sunday 2nd September 2007
  • Action Morning - Saturday 6th October 2007
  • Action Morning - Sunday 11th November 2007
  • Action Morning - Saturday 8th December 2007

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