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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
27th March 2008

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Mervyn & Joan Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Peter Foulston, Adrian Coltman, Adam Wilks, James & Jill Mudd, Claire Standish, Emma Trickett, Paul Ellis.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 11th Mar 2008
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. 106 Grant Update
  1. Action Mornings
  2. FGVW Family FunDay 2008
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Sian Dodderidge, Mike Betteridge.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 11th Mar 2008

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Christmas Cards
    Adam B brought in some further photo's to be considered a Christmas cards as it had snowed at the weekend. The Group voted on their favourite two pictures. Adam to let Martin know the different costs associated with larger volumes of cards.
  • Health & Safety
    Adam W has done some costings for Action Day information boards. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Chapel Allerton Allotment Association Show
    Adam B and Adrian will be providing a FGVW Display and selling merchandise at the Chapel Allerton Allotment Association Show on Saturday 5th April at 2.30pm.

4. Correspondence

Martin has e-mailed Fred Duff regarding permission to put up notice boards but no reply has been received yet.

An invoice has been sent to Paul for the path work done in the woods.

5. 106 Grant Update

Martin has received an update on the 106 money from Mark Bolan, to be discussed at the next meeting.

6. Action Mornings

The last Action Morning was well attended with over 30 volunteers.

Next Action Mornings

  • Sat 5 Apr 2008
  • Sun 6 Apr 2008
  • Sun 11 May 2008
  • Sat 12 Jul 2008

7. FGVW Family FunDay 2008

Due to this year's issues surrounding the FunDay it was decided to hold this meeting specifically to discuss the event and to gain input from Emma Trickett who is head of the Park Rangers.

An e-mail had been sent to Andrew Sykes who had said he couldn't classify it as a Leeds City Council event. Some people intervened on the Group's behalf so that the event could go ahead. Emma Trickett agreed to take on the responsibility for the event and attended the meeting to find out more about the potential liabilities and required risk assessments.

Martin had e-mailed Emma a list of events. Joanne Clough (LCC Countryside & Access Manager) would like to see the event as being smaller and more environmentally focussed. She also raised potential issues concerning traffic. Martin stressed that the Community Police were invited to the event and that the aim was that the FunDay was a community event. Adrian explained that he would be manning the FGVW tent and (as always) would ask for ideas/comments from the community concerning the local woodland area. Martin stressed that this was a local event for local people.

  • LCC Permission: sent letter to Andrew Sykes. Going ahead as a LCC event under Emma Trickett. Steve Clavering or his rep in attendance. Elaine Hill also in attendance as volunteer.
  • Tables, Chairs, etc.: Need to fund 32 tables and 50 chairs, marquee and 2 toilets - Martin requested a quote from Churchills, and was quoted £876.
  • John Casey: to be informed. MC to liaise re grass cutting and fire extinguishers.
  • Risk Assessments: Martin to liaise with Emma.
  • Grants: Adrian has applied to the Area Committee for a £500 grant.
  • Posters: 40xA4 needed - Adam to design, and Adrian to print. Emma suggested a woodland theme for this years poster.
  • Programme: Adam, Peter and Adrian. 400 needed.
  • Flyers: 5,000 needed. Adam to design. Paul may be able to do the photocopying.
  • Guillotine: Phil?
  • Chapel Allerton Magazine: Adrian to arrange advertising. Adrian to also check if they still want to do an article on the Group.
  • Refreshments: Martin has written to Tesco and Sainsburys. Need as much home baking as possible. Please encourage all supporters.
  • Gazebos: 9 x (9x3) large, 6 x (3x3) pop-up. Phil's scout tent? Paul's scout tent? We then have 6 small gazebos in reserve. Need one main marquee.
  • PA System: The Group has agreed to fund the hiring of a PA system for the band so Peter to check if we can use it too.
  • St Johns Ambulance: Confirmed.
  • Turns: Daftasadrum confirmed. Bassabassa invited. Storyteller Christine McMahon confirmed. Urban Circus will be invited following a vote of 6 to 5.
  • LCC Forestry & Dale the Chainsaw Man: Martin to invite.
  • Raffle: Adam to organise.
  • Hunt the Gledhow Bear Game: Adam to organise.
  • FGVW Display: Adam and Adrian.
  • Local History/Genealogy: Joan to invite Robin Dove.
  • Parachute Games: John and Jenny Farley agreed.
  • T-Shirt Design: None in stock, Paul Ellis may be available.
  • Firefighters: James has agreed to attend.
  • Police/PCSOs: Adrian to liaise with Brenda.
  • Wooden Tree: Donna.
  • Owl Man: Birds of Prey - Adam to chase up.
  • Beekeeper: David accepted.
  • Hedgehogs, etc.: Sue Charlton has agreed to attend.
  • Tadpoles/Frogs: Unavailable.
  • Bug Hunt: Subject to manpower Steve Clavering attending.
  • Bird Boxes: Mervyn.
  • Plants: Gladys.
  • Clay Modelling: Joan has a volunteer, Adrian to provide clay.
  • Woodcraft Folk: Adrian inviting.
  • Face Painters: 2 confirmed.
  • Turns/Timetable: Peter to arrange.
  • Roping Off: Peter to arrange.
  • Setting Up: From 7.30am sharp please.
  • Animal Protection Stall: No, not suitable.
  • Herbal Medicine Stall: Martin to invite.
  • Seven: Probably not.
  • Conservation Area Committee: Confirmed.
  • Radish Stall: Adam to contact.
  • Gledhow Allotments Association: Adrian to ask if they can do something around what people can grow in containers in their own gardens.
  • Wishing Tree: Lynne confirmed.
  • Straw Bales: with Jims help.
  • Woodchip piles: Martin to organise.
  • Entrance Banner:Paul.

Martin to provide a list to Emma of what the rangers normally provide.

A banner was suggested that could be used at all FGVW events. Adrian agreed to look up some contacts.

Emma agreed to liase with Martin re ranger tent, activities and assessments. She suggested that a woodland walk might be possible.

8. AOB

  • Herbalist Walks
    Donald has contacted Adam about putting details of his herb walks on the web site. The Group agreed provided it stated that this was not a Friends event.

9. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Core Group Meeting - Thu 3 Apr 2008 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club, Gledhow Lane)
  • Action Morning (Extra) - Sat 5 Apr 2008
  • Action Morning - Sun 6 Apr 2008
  • Action Morning - Sun 11 May 2008
  • FunDay - Sat 14 Jun 2008 (1.30pm to 5.30pm)
  • Action Morning - Sat 12 Jul 2008

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