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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
25th September 2008

Present: Joan Clayton (Acting Chair), Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Mike Betteridge, Adam Wilkes.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 28th August 2008
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. 106 Grant Update
  1. Action Mornings
  2. Heritage Open Day
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Martin Calvert, Adrian Coltman, Paul Ellis, Peter Foulston, Sian Dodderidge.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 28th August 2008

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Fungus Foray
    Confirmed as Sunday 19th October from 10am to 12pm. All welcome, please meet at the old car park on Gledhow Valley Road.

4. Correspondence

Minutes of the 7th September meeting were received from the Gledhow Valley Conservation Group.

The Group has been invited to apply for the Community and City Pride Awards. The closing date for entries is the 31st October.

The BTCV thanked the Group for buying wildflower plugs from them.

5. 106 Grant Update

The jetty path has been dug out and Justin has responded to Martin's e-mail regarding the use of the rest of the money.

6. Action Mornings

Next Action Mornings

  • Sunday 28th September
    Three benches to put in, wildflower plugs to put in six squares, lopping either side of the path on the other side of the woods subject to manpower.
    Volunteers to meet in the meadow at the end of the lake on Gledhow Valley Road.
  • Saturday 25th October
    The jetty gabions to be completed. This will be an all day event.
  • Sunday 30th November
    A new section of the path will be completed near the boggy area near Gledhow Lane.
  • Sunday 14th December
    Path work near the Gledhow Valley Road/Gledhow Valley Lane junction.

7. Heritage Open Day

The Bath House was opened on Sunday 14th September between 12pm and 4pm as part of the Open Heritage weekend. The event was a huge success and raised a lot of money for the Group through refreshments, donations and merchandise sale. It is proposed to follow the same format next year and just do it on the one day.

The event was advertised on Radio Leeds over two days. Martin did an excellent interview with them the previous day. Martin suggested more media publicity for next year.

Our thanks go to Mrs Hood who made a £100 donation.

8. AOB

  • Chapel A Brownies
    Chapel A Brownies will be planting wildflowers in the woods on Wednesday 1st October from 6-7pm. Volunteers welcome to help out.
  • Second Chapel A Brownies
    Mike took the 2nd Chapel A Brownies on a guided tour of the woods on Wednesday 24th September. The girls were very enthusiastic and asked lots of questions. They showed a lot of interest in identifying the trees and animals. Mike finished the walk by handing out leaflets and promoting the next Action Morning.
  • Unknown Photographer Identified
    Joan informed Adam Bull that one of the black & white photos on the web site (currently showing as photographer unknown) was the work of Alex Gill.
  • Network Rail Donation
    Martin has received a donation of £450 from Northern Rail.
  • Film Festival
    Adam Wilkes informed the Group that Meanwood Valley had entered a film into the film festival about the valley over the years. Adam suggested doing something similar for the Group. The Group has considered this in the past but no action was taken. Adam to investigate and report back to the Group.
  • Graffiti and vandalism
    Adam Wilkes raised the issue of more graffiti on the carriageway bridge and that the safety ropes by the lake had been removed/stolen (again).
  • Lake Silt
    The Group raised ongoing concerns about the amount of silt building up in the lake. It was agreed to raise the issue again with local councillors now that the breeding season was over for the birds living by the lake.
  • Roadside Pavement
    The roadside pavement has been reduced by about a third due to overgrown woodland. The Group agreed to raise this with the council as access is restricted.
  • Bath House
    Mervyn put forward a proposal to spend some of the Group's money on improving the area around the Bath House. The fencing put up by the council is not in keeping with the surrounding area and in some parts is too close to the building so allowing access in via the roof. It was proposed to pay for John Casey to remove the over-hanging tree and see about some new fencing or to move the existing fencing to a more appropriate distance. The Group agreed to consult the council on the types of fencing that could be used and to obtain quotes for the tree felling.
  • Christmas Cards
    The Group need to look at potential sales outlets for the Christmas Cards. Joan offered to sell some at the monthly Action Mornings and Dorothy is going to keep us updated on any event developments at St Matthews Church. Adam Bull is also going to approach Radish as they have sold them in previous years.
  • Health & Safety Board
    Mervyn has obtained an "A board" that needs some repair. Adam Wilkes is going see if it will be suitable to use as a health and safety notice board for the Action Mornings.

9. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Sun 28 Sept 2008
  • Fungus Foray - Sun 19 Oct 2008
  • Core Group Meeting - Thu 23 Oct 2008 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sat 25 Oct 2008
  • Action Morning - Sun 30 Nov 2008
  • Action Morning - Sun 14 Dec 2008

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