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Minutes of Annual General Meeting
21st Jan 2010

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Adrian Coltman, Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Paul Ellis, Dorothy Carter, Mike Betteridge, Peter Foulston, Christine Osborne, Robert James, Steve Clavering, Jill & Jim Mudd, Janet Leveridge, Nicola Ramsden, Steven Johns, Paul Ellis, Claire Welling, Karen & Brian Rodgers, Brenda Lancaster, Libby Jones, Claire Standing, Allan Robinson, Alex Rolfe, Carl Mitchell.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the last AGM 30-01-2009
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Chair's Report 2009
  5. Treasurer's Report 2009
  1. Merchandise Sales & Web Site Report 2009
  2. Election of Officers
  3. Leeds City Council Countryside Rangers
  4. AOB
  5. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence


2. Minutes of the last AGM 30-01-2009

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Notice Boards
    The notice boards are still outstanding.

4. Chair's Report 2009 (Martin Calvert)

  • Action Mornings
    We held 10 Action Mornings during 2009. The February morning was cancelled due to the freezing weather.
    We got through 40 tonnes of sandstone crusher run in the construction of various sections of footpath.
    We did more planting in the Meadow, with around 2,000 wildflower plugs. The section created by Duffys was planted and we look forward to this year's meadow. We also scattered cornfield seed on a recently disturbed part which produced cornflowers, corn marigolds, corn chamomile and corn cockle.
    We also concreted in 2 memorial benches and spent considerable effort edging the path between Gledhow Lane and Gledhow Valley Road.
    We cleared the last of the rhododendron above the lake and intend to prevent its re growth.
    The Jetty was finished off with substantial fencing and some drainage work, and is proving very popular.
    The Bath House received its annual spring clean and thanks are due to Avril for providing electricity and water for the cleaning process.
    We also litter picked at every Action Morning and thanks are due to the attending Ranger (usually Steve Clavering or Steve from the team at Potternewton Park) for collecting the piles of black bags we fill.
    Thanks to all the Action Morning attendees. You all make a big difference to the Valley.
    Thank you to Jim Mudd, the well known local tree feller for the loan of his trailer used for transporting our tools and materials to and from Action Mornings.

  • Core Group Meetings
    We held 11 Core Group meetings and numerous site meetings.
    Thanks to the Core Group members for their efforts. Particular thanks to two Core Group members without official portfolio who provide much of the ideas and direction for the group - our Chief Engineer Mervyn and Chief Executive Joan.

  • FunDay 2009
    The 2009 FunDay was a success with an excellent attendance and a record income total. This was our 10th FunDay. Thanks are due to Emma Trickett, Senior Parks and Countryside Ranger for overseeing the event. Thanks also to the army of FunDay helpers without whom we could not run the event.
    We had purchased a marquee in April and the FunDay was its first outing. The marquee was purchased jointly with Gledhow School.

  • Merchandise
    Thanks to Adam Bull for the continuing success and income from our merchandise ventures. The income from merchandise contributes greatly to the cost of the materials we use. Adam Bull will shortly give his report.

  • Donations
    We have received individual donations from grateful local residents.
    Also, Tesco sent us a cheque for £250. Leeds City Council's Floral Fund provided £500 towards the FunDay costs and the production company filming "A Passionate Woman" in Gledhow Park Crescent and other local areas sent a cheque for £450.

  • The Meadow
    As mentioned in the Action Mornings section, over 2,500 plug plants and much wildflower seed were used in the meadow. This makes approx 5,900 plug flowers since we started planting in earnest in April 2007.

  • Environmental Crime
    After much work securing the various drain covers and silt traps, the lake has stayed at a constant level this year. Indeed Gledhow had its first resident swans for at least 25 years who's first attempt at breeding unfortunately failed.
  • Heritage Open Day
    Following on from the success of 4 previous years, we again opened the Bath House for one day this year from 12-4pm. After not being included as part of the official Heritage Open Weekend, the day was saved by Steve Clavering agreeing to support the opening. This was vital for insurance purposes and we are very grateful to Steve for that. Joan and Mervyn then managed to get the Yorkshire Evening Post to do a lovely article on the Bath House which ensured a good attendance with many local people visiting for the first time.
    Members of the group attended the St Mathews Church Summer Fair, Chapel Allerton Allotments Show and we were kindly invited to be the guest community group at one of the Oakwood Farmers Markets. A new venue for FGVW was the Farmers Market at the Three Hulats on a cold, wet day, where the volunteers were sustained by the kindness of Graham and Maria's bacon butties.

  • FGVW Talks
    Michael Betteridge has again given talks on FGVW to local groups. This is an aspect in which Michael excels and we are very grateful to him and the resulting donations. This year saw the debut of his new show which was well received. Also thanks for walking the Colton Gardeners through the woods.

  • Walks and Talks
    Two Leeds City Council Rangers led 2 very popular walks this year. The Bat Walk with Elaine Hill was very well attended and we saw pipistrelle and daubentons bats along with an obliging tawny owl. Then, in October, Steve Joul led a Fungus Foray. We found fantastic amounts and varieties of fungus. Thanks to Steve and Elaine for two excellent walks.

  • Community and City Pride Awards
    We have been shortlisted along with one other project for the Large Project of the year category at the Community and City Pride Awards. We are thrilled to be invited to this, a smaller BAFTA or OSCARS event. We entered our Jetty Construction Project.
    FGVW reps will be wining and dining and maybe celebrating come February 4th. Fingers crossed but it's a great achievement to be shortlisted.

  • Thank You
    FGVW has many supporters and helpers. The rangers from the council are always supportive. Thank you to Emma and Steve for their support.
    Steve and his team from Potternewton Park continue to support the group in many ways.
    Graham and Maria from this esteemed establishment, The Three Hulats have been brilliant in supporting our events this year. The bacon butties were very well received and we are very grateful for their support and hard work at the Action Mornings. As ever, we are grateful to our local councillors for their advice and support.
    We look forward to another busy year and our 11th Annual Fun Day. Thank you all.

5. Treasurer's Report 2009 (Paul Ellis)

Current Account

Balance at 31.12.2009 = £ 3,979.81
Balance at 31.12.2008 = £ 2,180.05

Reserve Account

Balance at 31.12.2009 = £ 6,588.08
Balance at 31.12.2008 = £ 8,517.84

Paul confirmed that the Group are in a healthy financial position.

6. Merchandise Sales & Web Site Report 2009 (Adam Bull)

Web Site Report for 2009

In 2008 the site was regularly receiving 4,500-5,500 visitors per month, and peaked at just under 6,000 in March. During 2009 the site received a smaller 3,500-4,500 visitors per month, peaking at 5,300 in October. However, the number of pages viewed increased again during 2009 meaning that although fewer people visited, those that did stayed longer and looked at more pages.

The total number of visits since the site began until the end of December 2009 is 377,159.

This year the site once again managed to achieve levels of nearly 18,000 page views per month and averaged around the 14,500 mark, which is about 1,500 per month more than during 2008.

The total number of page views since the site began until the end of December 2009 is 821358.

Web Site Statistics
Total number of pages in the web site (HTML) = 294
Total number of images used (JPEG & GIF) = 1,464
Total number of 360 degree QuickTime panoramas (MOV) = 17
Total number of audio files (MP3) = 2
Total number of miscellaneous files = 11
Total number of files = 1,788
Total file size (MB) = 74

E-Mail Mailing List
Number of people on the e-mail mailing list = 285 (Up 29 from last year's 256).

Merchandise Report for 2009

Total income during 2009 = £1,097.00
Total income to date = £3,784.10
Total development costs to date = £52.93
Total production costs to date = £2,517.55
Total profit to date = £1,213.62

All development and production costs have now been covered, which means that takings from the sale of all remaining stock represent 100% profit.

7. Election of Officers

No new nominations were received so the Group agreed to waive the 3 year restriction on length of time in the role.

The following officers were re-elected:

  • Chair - Martin Calvert
  • Vice Chair - Adrian Coltman
  • Treasurer - Paul Ellis
  • Secretary - Carol Bull

8. Leeds City Council Countryside Rangers

Steve thanked the Group for the work that they had done throughout the year. The rangers are very pleased with what the Group has achieved. The Parks & Countyside are very much aware of the issues this year regarding risk assessments and work is ongoing to try and make these easier. They acknowledge that this is an area of concern for groups of volunteers, to read and sign each time. They are hoping to be able to streamline the process so that it does not put people off from volunteering.

9. AOB

  • Volunteers
    Joan provided a report on the record numbers of volunteers we had over the year. The highest number recorded on an Action Morning was 42. Sunday was the most popular day averaging 29 volunteers. The average number of volunteers on a Saturday was 22. The overall average number of volunteers per action morning was 27.9.

  • Red Kites
    Joan also informed the Group that red kites had been sighted in the woods and surrounding area.

  • Maps of Leeds
    Joan has received some maps of Leeds and surrounding areas from the late 1800s. These are available for Group members to borrow.

  • Gledhow Valley Conservation Group
    Adam agreed to send Christine information on the notice boards so the Gledhow Valley Conservation Group could be consistent when looking into boards they were thinking of putting up in the area.

  • Tool Storage Issue
    Some of the tools and equipment used by the Group are being stored in Libby's garage. Unfortunately there is a problem with the door and concerns over security. Mervyn agreed to take a look and fix the problem.

  • Council Grant
    Councillor Brenda Lancaster told the Group that a grant for £300 for the Group had recently been agreed by the Council. She also thanked the Group for their hard work and wished them all the best for 2010.

  • St Matthew's Church Fayre
    Dorothy invited the Group to attend the St Matthew's Church Fayre at Easter on 27th March between 10.30am and 12.30pm and also in the summer on 26th June. She also apologised to the Group for the church not inviting the Group to attend the Christmas Fayre in 2009.

  • Thanks to Martin
    Paul said how much fun it was attending the Action Mornings and how much he enjoyed them and that was what it should be all about for the volunteers. He also thanked Martin for the work that he did and for continuing in his role as Chair.
  • Groundworks - Brackenwoods Consultation
    Nicola Ramsden attended the meeting as a co-ordinator of Groundworks. A master plan is being created for Brackenwoods. It is proposed to create 3 entranceways into the woods with 2 of the sites having self closing gates. There are also plans to do some wildflower planting and to put in some bluebells. Each of the entrances will have an information board showing a map and welcoming people to the woods. Metal fencing in the area will also be cared for to try and prevent fly tipping.
    Nicola brought some consultation papers for the Group members to provide their comments if they wanted to, along with pre-paid envelopes. She asked the Group to provide ideas on what would be good or bad to do to improve this area.

10. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Core Group Meeting - Thu 11 Feb 2010 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sat 13 Feb 2010
  • Action Morning - Sun 7 Mar 2010
  • Action Morning - Sun 11 Apr 2010
  • Action Morning - Sun 16 May 2010
  • FunDay - Sat 19 Jun 2010

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