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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
9th July 2012

Present: Joan Clayton (Acting Chair), Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Trevor & Diane Kitto, Mike Betteridge, Geoff Gilbert, Naomi Watts-Kitto.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 14th May 2012
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Action Mornings
  1. Yorkshire Gardens Trust
  2. Grant Applications
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Martin Calvert, Paul Ellis, Adrian Coltman.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 14th May 2012

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Knotweed
    The knotweed has been sprayed with chemicals and is starting to die.
  • Woodchips
    The woodchips left over from the FunDay have now been removed following the posting of a notice informing people that they could help themselves.
  • FGVW Mugs
    About 27 FGVW mugs have been sold so far. Radish has initially bought 6 mugs to see how they sell.

4. Correspondence


5. Action Mornings

  • Sunday 8 July 2012
    17 volunteers attended and worked on upgrading some of the path. 4 tonnes of stone was used. The drainage that was put in is working really well despite the heavy rain. Bags of collected litter still need to be picked up from the roadside.

Future Action Mornings

Proposed dates and tasks for the coming year (subject to change):

  • Sunday 5 August 2012
    Work will include cleaning the Bath House ready for Heritage Open Day. If there are sufficient volunteers, work needs to be done on the path nearby and some work is also needed in the waterlogged area. Volunteers to meet at the Bath House on Gledhow Valley Road.
  • October 2012
    Work on the meadow.

6. Yorkshire Gardens Trust

Joan has arranged a meeting to finalise arrangements for the Yorkshire Gardens Trust visitors. The Group will be working in conjunction with the Gledhow Valley Conservation Area Group. The visitors would like to see the bath house, Gledhow Hall and to view the work completed in the woods. The event will take place on 2 September between 2 and 4pm. Home baking would be very welcome and the Group are offering to pay for ingredients.

7. Grant Applications

No updates.

8. AOB

  • Swans in Jeopardy
    The swans are causing some concern as they keep wandering onto the road. Joan, Mervyn and Martin have been rescuing them and taking them back to the lake.
  • Balsam Bashing Needed
    The balsam needs bashing before it starts to seed.
  • Bath House
    The Group need to speak to Avril and discuss what jobs they can do as repayment for the use of the electricity and water needed to clean the bath house.
  • Roundhay Live Event
    The Roundhay Live event went well despite the waterlogged field, and was much better organised than last year. The Group raised £351 for St Gemma's Hospice by selling plants left over from the FunDay. One gazebo was damaged beyond repair and the Group expect this to be replaced by REAP for around £50. Joan suggested that the Group issue a set of instructions on how to put on the gazebos when they are hired out in future.
  • New Bench
    Geoff would like to donate a bench to the Group before he moves away from Leeds. He would like it in the beech tree area at the top. The Group agreed to look into the logistics of getting a bench up to this location.

9. Dates of Next Meetings

  • FunDay Meeting - Fri 20 July 2012 (3 Hulats Pub, 8pm)
  • Action Morning - Sun 05 Aug 2012
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 06 Aug 2012 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Bath House Open Day - Sun 09 Sep 2012
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 01 Oct 2012 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sat 06 Oct 2012
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 29 Oct 2012 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 04 Nov 2012
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 10 Dec 2012 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 16 Dec 2012

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