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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
4th March 2013

Present: Joan Clayton (Acting Chair), Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Trevor & Diane Kitto, Naomi Watts-Kitto, Mike Betteridge, Adrian Coltman.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 4th February 2013
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  1. Action Mornings
  2. FunDay 2013
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Martin Calvert.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 4th February 2013

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Audrey's Meadow
    Martin has met with Dean Smith regarding work on Audrey's meadow. Dean has agreed to submit plans to the Group outlining what work can be done. The work can't start until the Autumn and the Group need to obtain two other quotes before the Council will agree to the work being done.
  • Groundworks
    Martin has submitted photos of the information boards to Groundworks to see if some preservation work can be done on the wood. No response has been received so Martin has asked Mervyn to go ahead with the work when he has time.

4. Correspondence

The Group has been awarded a grant of £2,500 from the Leeds Community Foundation following Joan's research into Hilda Kitson's will. The grant must be spent by 31 August 2013 or returned. Martin has suggested spending £1,600 on two new information boards for the old car park and the bath house and the rest of the money to be spent on path work (3 x £300).

Adrian has secured a grant of £242 from the Proceeds of Crime Act Fund. This is to be used to buy small items such as gloves and hi-vis jackets for the Action Mornings.

The Group has gratefully received a cheque for £2,000 from Malcolm and Audrey. The Group will discuss where this money would be best spent.

5. Action Mornings

  • Sunday 10 February 2013
    Approximately 24 volunteers attended the Action Morning. The final bit of (Lord Mayor's) footpath was completed and the drainage has been improved.
  • Sunday 10 March 2013
    The Group would like to finish the top path but they are dependent on others helping to transport the stone to the area as it is difficult to access. One ton of stone has been delivered so if it is possible to get more up there in time work will take place on the top path. If not then the path running through Hilda's wood will be completed instead as it has easier access. The gabions can not be installed as planned since the Council need to complete a crayfish survey before this work can start.

Future Action Mornings

Proposed dates and tasks for the coming year (subject to change):

  • Saturday 6 April 2013
    The work will depend on which path work is completed during March's Action Morning. The woods near the Brackenwoods estate needs clearing of rubbish and household materials that have been dumped in the area. However care needs to be taken not to damage the bluebells.
  • Sunday 12 May 2013

6. FunDay 2013

The date of the FunDay has been agreed as Saturday 8 June 2013. The Group is encouraged to start inviting acts and to think about any new acts.

The following acts are being considered and/or to be invited:

  • Corpus Christie Band - Confirmed.
  • Morley Exotic Animals - Confirmed.
  • Noah's Ark - Joan agreed to find out the details for who attend St Gemma's Hospice events.
  • Accordion Player - Mervyn suggested getting in contact with one.
  • Daftasadrum - Confirmed.
  • British Red Cross - Quoted £80. Carol to book.
  • Birds of Prey - Waiting for confirmation.
  • Tombola and Raffle - Prizes requested.
  • Bottle Stall - Naomi will be running a bottle stall. Donations of full bottles requested.
  • Indie Ices - Adam to invite.
  • Radish - Adam to invite.
  • Ice Cream Van - Naomi and Mike to investigate.
  • Councillors - Mike to invite.
  • Police Commissioner/Mayor/PCSOs - Adrian to invite.
  • FGVW Display - Adrian to pain a map of the woods so people can make suggestions.
  • Schools - Distribution of leaflets to be done by Diane and Adrian. Roundhay Primary School should be open soon.
  • Coconut Shy/Tin Can Alley Games - Trevor to investigate.
  • Whack-a-Rat - Diane/Joan to investigate.
  • Gazebos & Pop-ups - Need to be checked. Adrian has 8 gazebos and 1 pop-up. Trevor has 1 pop-up.

Joan suggested a different design for the poster and to give prominence to Morley Exotic Animals, and also to notify people that there is no parking available.

7. AOB


8. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Sun 10 Mar 2013
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 1 Apr 2013 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sat 6 Apr 2013
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 6 May 2013 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 12 May 2013
  • FunDay - Sat 8 Jun 2013

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