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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
26th June 2013

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Adrian Coltman, Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Trevor & Diane Kitto, Naomi Watts-Kitto, Mike Betteridge, Paul & Hazel Ellis, Stephen Tyndale-Biscoe.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 15th May 2013
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  1. Action Mornings
  2. FunDay 2013
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Mike Betteridge.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 15th May 2013

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Skipton Building Society
    The Group has been shortlisted to receive a Grassroots Giving Grant. The Skipton asked if a representative would be available for a photo shoot on Friday 28th June between 11am and 3pm, unfortunately no one is able to attend on that day. Voting opens on 31st July.
  • Display Boards
    The telephone number for unsocial behaviour is no longer valid. Martin has agreed to change the contact details on the designs for the new display boards.

4. Correspondence

To be dealt with at the next meeting.

5. Action Mornings

To be dealt with at the next meeting.

6. FunDay 2013

The FunDay was held on Saturday 8 June 2013 and the weather was perfect. No tents were damaged this year.

  • Permission LCC - Booking and licensing was completed. It should be easier next year now that we have gone through the process.
  • Risk Assessment - Martin thanked Joan for organising all the risk assessments especially for sorting out the lost children procedures and the vulnerable child procedures.
  • Tables, Chairs & Toilets - 45 tables and 100 chairs from Heere Events and 2 toilets from Convenience Hire. 8 more tables were due to come from Steve Clavering but we only received 2 on the day. The Council also provided partial display boards, 10 traffic cones and 30 road pins.
  • Gazebos & Pop-ups - Adrian has 8 gazebos and 1 pop-up, Trevor has 1 pop-up, Paul has 4.
  • Grass Cutting - Manager at Potternewton Park, Julian Cook, completed the grass cutting.
  • Grants - Received £500 from floral fund.
  • Posters - 80xA4. These were printed at SmallPrint and it worked very well and was cost effective.
  • Flyers - 6000 went to schools w/c 3 June or before due to Bank Holiday. Printing at SmallPrint. Distribution schools are Chapel A, St Matthews, Immaculate Heart, Moor Allerton, Gledow, Kerr Mackie, Bracken Edge, Talbot, plus the new Roundhay school.
  • Refreshments - Received £50 donation from Tescos, nothing from the Co-Op. There wasn't as much home baking as usual.
  • PA system - The hired system worked well but there was a request not to have the speakers inside the tents as the noise made it impossible to speak to people.
  • Parachute Game - John and Jenny ran game. Adrian provided it.
  • Corpus Christie Band - Cost £50 via Martin. Excellent response with lots of positive comments about the band.
  • Magician Jon - Cost £120. Again, lots of good feedback.
  • Street Entertainer - Cost £300. The Group were disappointed that they didn't get to see his act. Adam suggested filming it next time. Again, lots of positive feedback.
  • Morley Exotic Animals - Cost £300. Extremely popular and busy all day with visitors.
  • Daftasadrum - Cost £120.
  • British Red Cross - £80 plus VAT. There were 2 small incidents to attend to.
  • Birds of Prey - Very popular.One complaint over the way the birds were being handled.
  • Tombola and Raffle - The raffle raised £653 and the tombola £265. Volunteers needed to run the tombola next year.
  • Bottle Stall - Naomi ran a bottle stall for the first time. It was very successful and sold out. More bottles needed next year (approx. 75ml).
  • Indie Ices - Couldn't come, but donated 2 raffle prizes.
  • Radish - Provided a donation to the Group.
  • Ice Cream Van - Donated £50.
  • FGVW Display - Adrian painted a map of the woods and people made suggestions. The Group received some very positive comments and ideas for the woods. These will be available on the FGVW web site.
  • Tin Can Alley - Very popular and successful, raising £60 from 20p a go.
  • T-shirt design - The Group already had a stock of T-shirts.
  • Firefighters - Very popular.
  • Police/PCSOs - Attended.
  • Beekeeper - Attended.
  • Bird Information - Attended.
  • Bird boxes - Mervyn.
  • Plants for Sale - Joan, Gladys and Margaret. Raised a record £711.
  • Clay Modelling - Adrian obtained the clay. Jenny was very popular running the stall.
  • Face Painters - 2 confirmed. The Group received a couple of complaints that £3 was expensive but this appears to be the standard price. We broke even on costs.
  • Gledhow Allotments - Only selling produce.
  • Gledhow Conservation Group - Attended.
  • REAP - Attended.
  • Leeds Homeopaths - Attended.
  • Straw Bales - With Jim's help.
  • Woodchip Piles - Not needed, following a decision by the Area Manager.
  • Mayor/Councillors - A few local Councillors attended.
  • Setting Up - At 7am. A lot of excellent volunteers turned up to put up the tents.
  • Road Traffic - 15 cones from Potternewton Park with 10 from LCC on Allerton Grange Way. One resident had his driveway blocked so Joan has agreed he can have his very own traffic cone next year.

The FunDay raised £4,003.21 but paid out £2,919.04 in expenses. The Group received £500 in grants so the surplus less grants is £584.17.

Everyone agreed that it had been a great community day success!

7. AOB

To be dealt with at the next meeting.

8. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 8 Jul 2013 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 14 Jul 2013

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