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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
10th March 2014

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Mervyn & Joan Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Trevor & Diane Kitto, Adrian Coltman.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 10th February
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Action Mornings
  6. Wildlife Discovery Day Sunday 13th April 2014
  1. Selected Felling 2014-2015
  2. FGVW Merchandise
  3. FunDay 2014
  4. AOB
  5. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Naomi Watts-Kitto, Jenny Page, Mike Betteridge.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 10th February

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Risk Assessments
    Martin has been in contact with Leeds City Council to get the amendments to our risk assessments agreed. There is an issue over some of the wording in that it states a ranger must give a safety talk at the Action Mornings but we haven't had a ranger in attendance since Steve left. The Group has requested this to be changed from a ranger to a FGVW "Responsible Person". This change is still outstanding. In the meantime the Group can still continue with its work.
  • FGVW Display Boards
    Mervyn has been sanding, preserving and improving the display boards one at a time. This should mean that they last much longer. He has currently completed 4, with 2 more nearly ready to go back in the woods.

4. Correspondence

Tesco has contacted the Group to arrange a manager team building activity in the woods. The Group will arrange a separate mid-week Action Morning for them.

The Group has been asked to attend a Wildlife Discovery event (see item 6 below).

5. Action Mornings

  • Sunday 16 February 2014
    24 volunteers attended the event. Beech thinning took place as well as litter picking.

Future Action Mornings

Proposed dates and tasks (subject to change):

  • Saturday 15 March 2014
    Volunteers will work on the path between Allerton Grange Way and Gledhow Lane. 4 tons of stone to be ordered. Volunteers to meet opposite the gates to the (Horses) field on Gledhow Valley Road.
  • Sunday 6 April 2014 (previously advertised as Sunday 13 April)
    There was a proposal to change the date of the April Action Morning due to the Easter holidays. This Action Morning will now take place on Sunday 6 April. The Core Group Meeting was changed from Monday 7 April to Monday 31 March.
  • Sunday 11 May 2014 (previously advertised as Sunday 4 May)
    There was a proposal to change the date of the May Action Morning due to the Bank Holiday weekend. The Action Morning during May will now take place on Sunday 11 May rather than the Sunday 4 May. The Core Group Meeting was changed from Monday 28 April to Wednesday 7 May.

6. Wildlife Discovery Day Sunday 13th April 2014

Leeds City Council has asked the Group to provide activities and attend a Wildlife Discovery Day on Sunday 13 April from 10am until 4pm. It will be held on the Soldiers Field at Roundhay Park. The Group agreed to attend the event.

7. Selected Felling 2014-2015

Members of the Group met with Justin from the Leeds City Council Forestry Department on a site visit in the woods. He would like to continue with the work started on the trees a few years ago. The proposed plan is for Justin to mark the trees that can be felled by a contractor. Trees will be felled in small clusters to promote diversity, bird life and more open spaces to allow other vegetation to grow. Some areas will be replanted. The Group will provide a display on the proposed changes at the FunDay so that the community can discuss the proposed plans. The Group will arrange to answer any questions and concerns that local residents may have.

8. FGVW Merchandise

The Group has agreed to try out some new greeting cards, notepads and a calendar. Adam to e-mail members and request good quality photos of the woods that can be used.

9. FunDay 2014

There is a lack of funding for this year's FunDay due to the ending of some grants such as the Floral Fund. The Group has agreed to make the FunDay smaller and more manageable with simpler activities for children to take part in, and more hands-on stalls.

  • Permission - LCC. Martin has e-mailed Andrew Sykes of Bookings and Licensing, no reply yet
  • Risk Assessments - MC sent to Andrew at Events
  • 45 tables and 100 chairs - From Heerevents, 99% certain of ability to supply
  • 8 tables - From Rangers?
  • 2 toilets - From Convenience Hire, ordered
  • 10 traffic cones and 30 road pins
  • Display Boards - Already have on loan from LCC
  • Grass Cutting and Fire Extinguishers - Manager at Potternewton Park, Julian Cook, to be informed. MC to liase.
  • Grants - Area Committee? Local councillors? Floral Fund not looking good, may have ended. Adrian to talk to Councillors regarding grants. Joan to talk to Moortown Councillors.
  • Posters - 80xA4, design as per last year. To be printed at Smallprint.
  • Programme - No
  • Flyers - Adam. 6000 needed to go into schools w/c 3rd June? To be printed at Smallprint, total cost £80. Distribution Schools, Chapel A, St Matthews, Immaculate Heart, Moor Allerton, Gledhow, Kerr Mackie, Bracken Edge Talbot and new Roundhay.
  • Guillotine - Phil, not needed
  • Refreshments - Martin has to e-mail Amy at Tesco. Adrian to contact Co-op. Need as much home baking as possible so please encourage all our supporters.
  • Indie Ices - Invited by Adam, awaiting final confirmation
  • Ice Cream Van - Mike to invite
  • Tents and Gazebos - 9x(9x3) large, 11x(3x3) pop up plus 2 new 6mx3m, Phil's Scout Tent. Need to check where they are stored. Steve and Jane, Carol, Adrian, Martin, Mervyn, Paul and Steve? New 6mx6m marquee is our main marquee.
  • P.A. System - Pete to hire
  • St Johns Ambulance - No.
  • Red Cross - Booked by Carol, £80
  • Daftasadrum - Not invited
  • The Turnarounds - £50 via Martin
  • Roundhay Ukulele Group - No fee
  • Magician Jon - Confirmed, £140
  • Circus Skills - Ross Burton?
  • Accordion player - Not invited
  • LCC Forestry?
  • Dale the Chainsaw Man - No
  • Raffle - Adam, Yes. Suggestion to separate the raffle prizes from the merchandise.
  • Tombola?
  • Donna's Stall - Confirmed
  • Hunt the Bear - Adam, Yes
  • FGVW Display - Adam/Adrian Featuring Felling 2014-15
  • Parachute Games - John/Jenny Farley? C.A. school providing parachute via T and D? Balls?
  • T-shirt Design - No
  • Fire-fighters - Adrian to invite
  • Police/PCSOs - Adrian to invite
  • Talon Falconry Birds of Prey - Adam invited, not yet confirmed
  • Beekeeper - David, Confirmed
  • Sue Charlton Hedgehog Care - Not invited
  • Keighley Hedgehog sanctuary - Not invited
  • Tadpoles/Frogs - Martin, hopefully
  • Start Birding - Linda, bird information, Confirmed
  • Lion Learners - Not invited
  • Morley Exotic Animals - Confirmed, £300
  • Bird Boxes - Mervyn, Confirmed
  • Plants Stall - Joan, Gladys and Margaret, Confirmed
  • Clay Modelling - Adrian, Confirmed
  • Bottle Stall - Naomi, No
  • Tin Can Alley - Trevor and Diane confirmed. Adrian to supply bean bags.
  • Whack a Rat - ?
  • Bacon Baps - Matt from The Three Hulats?
  • Craft Puppets - Fiona
  • Badges and Masks - Jenny
  • About My Area - Confirmed. Tables in FGVW display tent?
  • Besom Making/Willow - Elaine
  • Face Painters - 2 confirmed
  • Henna Artist - Not invited
  • Tailwaggers Display Team Big - Not invited
  • Turns/Timetable - Adrian/Naomi/Martin
  • Radish - Invited by Adam, Confirmed
  • Gledhow Allotments Association - Not invited
  • Wishing Tree - Lynne, No
  • Gledhow Valley Conservation Area Group - Not invited
  • Friends of Allerton Grange - Not invited
  • Friends of Gipton Woods - Not invited
  • REAP - Invited by Paul, Confirmed
  • Moortown Community Group - Not invited
  • Leeds Homeopaths - Not invited
  • Straw Bales - With John and Jim's help?
  • Woodchip Piles - Martin?
  • Entrance Banner - No
  • Mayor and Councillors - To be invited by Mike
  • About My Area - Agreed, as they provide the Group with publicity
  • Setting Up - From 7am sharp please
  • Road Traffic - 15 cones from Potternewton Park with 10 from LCC on AG Way

Any new ideas for stalls/turns?

10. AOB

  • St Matthews Easter Fair
    The Group has agreed to manage a stall selling FGVW merchandise at St Matthews Easter Fair on Saturday 12 April 2014 if anyone is free to do so.
  • Gledhow Valley Conservation Area Group
    Gledhow Valley Conservation Area Group has been in contact to confirm that their display board will now be placed on a wall at the Gledhow Hall property. The previous proposed location on the grassland area near the Hall was rejected due to a complaint from a local resident despite this being on Council land.
  • Camping in the Woods
    The Group has raised concerns over a member of the public camping on the grassland area near Allerton Grange Way. There are no toilet facilities in the area, and rubbish and general debris is building up.
  • The Horses Field
    Yorkshire Water needs access to this field which has a locked gate to the entrance as the land is owned by House of Light Catholic Homes. Mervyn has been in contact with both parties and agreed a solution. Yorkshire Water will put in their own gate for access and repairs will be made to the fence to prevent any horses from straying onto Gledhow Valley Road. The Group discussed talking to the House of Light to see if they would be willing to allow FGVW to manage the land for them as a meadow if they intended to leave it as a field.

11. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Sat 15 Mar 2014
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 31 Mar 2014 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 6 Apr 2014
  • Wildlife Discovery Day - Sun 13 Apr 2014 (Roundhay Park)
  • Core Group Meeting - Wed 7 May 2014 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 11 May 2014
  • FunDay - Sat 14 Jun 2014

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