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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
15th Sep 2014

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Adrian Coltman, Diane & Trevor Kitto, Naomi Watts-Kitto, Mike Betteridge, Mervyn Clayton, Adam & Carol Bull, Jenny Page, Stephen Tyndale-Biscoe, Peter Foulston, Nigel Banks, Jenny Beadle, Paul Brown, Geoff Holden, Lesley Mais, John Spowage, Henri Grumbridge.

Plus Richard Peters, Anne Spice and Cathy Bedworth representing Gledhow Valley Conservation Area Group (GVCAG).

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 7th July 2014
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Action Mornings
  6. Bath House Open Day
  1. Nest Boxes
  2. Audrey's Meadow
  3. Gledhow Triangle
  4. Planning Application
  5. AOB
  6. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Joan Clayton, Paul Ellis.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 7th July 2014

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising


4. Correspondence

The Group received an e-mail from Rosemary Ensor whose grandfather, Jeremiah Dixon, lived in Gledhow Hall.

Bill Dibley has sent the Group a DVD showing footage of his family sledging in the woods in 1962.

5. Action Mornings

  • Sunday 24 August 2014
    The bath house was cleaned ready for the Open Heritage Weekend, and litter picking took place.

Future Action Mornings

Proposed dates and tasks (subject to change):

  • Saturday 20 September 2014
    Please meet in the old car park opposite Gledhow Park Drive.
    Work will start on clearing "Audrey's Meadow" and there will be litter picking.
  • Sunday 19 October 2014
  • Sunday 23 November 2014
  • Sunday 14 December 2014

6. Bath House Open Day

The Group opened the Bath House for the 10th year running as part of the Leeds Heritage Open Days event. The afternoon was very successful and 202 people visited the Bath House. The Group raised £359.29 (plus 3 euro cents) by selling merchandise, home made refreshments, plants and bird boxes. Thank you to all the volunteers and bakers who made this possible.

7. Nest Boxes

Northern Rail has given the Group a grant for £250 to replace some of the nest boxes in the woods. Many had been damaged by squirrels and the Group agreed to replace these over several years (approximately 6 a year) with more robust woodcrete boxes, which are expected to last for 25 years.

8. Audrey's Meadow

Originally the Group had large plans for this area and were hoping to obtain a grant and employ contractors to help with some of the work. The Group has had difficulty in obtaining 3 quotes to do this work and one quote was received from a company that has since gone into liquidation. The Group agreed to scale down the project and carry out the work themselves, with the help of BTCV over several days to provide more man-power. Work will begin on clearing the area to start to fulfil Audrey's legacy.

9. Gledhow Triangle

This area is between Gledhow Lane, Gledhow Park Crescent and Dominion Avenue. Karl Sinclair sent a detailed e-mail to Martin explaining the history, and an update on the request made to residents and the grant received from the council to improve the area. Some ash trees have been removed by the Council tree officer and some fruit trees and other plants have now been added. Further work planned in this area includes raised beds, benches, hedgehog boxes, lighting, play area and greenhouses - provided the community are in agreement and further grants are received.

10. Planning Application

Planning permission is currently being sought to build houses adjacent to Gledhow Valley Woods on greenfield land along Gledhow Valley Road (Application 14/04524). Various Group members and residents had seen an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post and raised concerns with the Group using social media and at the meeting.

Members of Gledhow Valley Conservation Area Group (GVCAG) were also present at the meeting and raised numerous concerns about this planning permission, especially as this is in a designated Conservation Area. GVCAG is having an emergency meeting next week to discuss the planning application and have also been dropping off information sheets showing the planning application details with a hand-written note asking residents to have a look at it and comment.

A resident from the Bracken Woods Estate made the Group aware of a Council decision in 2013 that listed the area as unsuitable for housing. He has offered to pick up some information leaflets from Martin and distribute to people in his area so that residents of Bracken Woods are aware of the planning application.

The Group agreed to produce an A5 flyer and distribute at local residents. The Group will respond to the application as a Group but also wish to encourage residents to respond to the application on an individual basis. Peter and Martin shared a draft response for discussion at the meeting. Adam agreed to put this on the website and e-mail details out to members.

One resident had contacted the Diocese a few months ago to make enquiries about using the land to build an eco-house but was rejected as they already had plans for the land. Adrian also mentioned that he had contacted them in June to ask them if we could help look after the land and at the time they were very enthusiastic but then he never heard back from them.

Mike agreed to contact the local Councillors. Martin agreed to contact Fabian Hamilton and Adrian agreed to set up a meeting with the local MPs. GVCAG also expressed an interest in attending these meetings.

Planning information has also been put up in the local library.

Naomi had read the relevant drainage and flooding report and went through the main points at the meeting. The report suggests there is no flooding in the area (only during 1 per 1,000 rainfalls does it occur). Martin agreed to add in some information on the draft response about the Combined Sewage Overflows (CSOs) and flooding, etc. and perhaps gain support from residents because of the potential increase in flooding in the area further down the valley near the Bath House. The plans show that the main entrance to the housing will run directly over one of the problematic CSOs.

"About My Area" has also highlighted the planning application to local people.

FGVW are opposed to any development of the meadows, grassland or woodland that is Gledhow Valley Woods.

The closing date for submitting comments on this planning application is 3rd October 2014. A decision is expected to be made by the Council by 27th November 2014.

11. AOB

  • FGVW Beer
    The Group has been contacted by a local brewer to ask if we would be interested in selling FGVW beer. This will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • FGVW Christmas Cards
    The Group agreed to order some new Christmas cards this year, providing appropriate photographs can be agreed upon.
  • Photography Services Offered
    A local photographer visited the Bath House on Open Heritage Day and has offered to take photos of the woods for the Group to use on their merchandise.
  • Bath House Extras
    Some visitors to the Bath House have offered to dress in period costume at the event next year.
  • Halloween
    The Group has been approached to ask if we want to be part of a charity event on Halloween that will involve horses and carriages in the woods.

12. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Sat 20 Sep 2014
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 13 Oct 2014 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 19 Oct 2014
  • Core Group Meeting - 17 Nov Aug 2014 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 23 Nov 2014
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 8 Dec 2014 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 14 Dec 2014

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