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Minutes of Core Group Meeting
12th Jan 2015

Present: Adrian Coltman (Acting Chair), Mervyn & Joan Clayton, Diane & Trevor Kitto, Naomi Watts-Kitto, Adam & Carol Bull, Geoff Holden, Paul Ellis, Sue Fletcher, Adam Bowler, Phil, Lucy Evans, Vanora Moore.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 8th December 2014
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Action Mornings
  6. FGVW Christmas Cards & Christmas Markets
  1. FGVW Annual General Meeting
  2. Change in Dates
  3. Planning and Consultation Process
  4. AOB
  5. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Martin Calvert, Michael Betteridge, Peter Foulston, Malcolm Robertson, Jenny Page.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 8th December 2014

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Planning Application
    The planning application to build houses in the woods has been rejected by Leeds City Council. Adrian suggested that the Group contact the Council to see what the next steps would be and if the Group could do anything if there is an appeal in London. The plans were rejected due to lack of access to public transport and because it was in a conservation area. Councillor Jane Dowson arranged for the press to photo the Group in the woods and an article was published in the Yorkshire Post. FGVW thank everyone involved - it was a great community effort.
  • MICE Money
    Adrian will be applying for some MICE money that is currently available from the Council.
  • Audrey's Meadow
    Work is continuing in the meadow but it looks like the Group will have to do most of the work themselves.
  • Missing Cheque
    The Group received a cheque from Brian Robinson at North East Leeds in June/July which has been mislaid. If anyone has it please contact Paul Ellis, otherwise we will need to get it re-issued.

4. Correspondence

Councillor Sharon Hamilton has invited everyone to attend the Hamilton Community Committee Meeting on social isolation. It is on 19th January 2015 at 6.30pm at Roscoe Methodist Church.

The group received a Christmas card from Brenda Lancaster who has fond memories of working with FGVW and wanted to pass on her best wishes to all members.

A Christmas card was also received from the Group's former Parks and Countryside Ranger Steve, who also wished the Group all the best.

5. Action Mornings

  • Sunday 14 December 2014
    18 volunteers worked on removing debris from Audrey's Meadow. There is still work to be done and so it will continue at the next Action Morning. There was also litter picking.

Future Action Mornings

Proposed dates and tasks (subject to change):

  • Sunday 18 January 2015
    Work will continue on Audrey's Meadow. The first stage of the planting will begin soon. Perennials and annuals will be planted in spring. There are also some brambles to cut back as they are starting to encroach on the slipway. The wall in the area is in danger of coming down.
  • Sunday 22 February 2015 (previously advertised as 15 February 2015)
  • Sunday 22 March 2015
  • Saturday 11 April 2015

6. FGVW Christmas Cards & Christmas Markets

Including bird boxes and without payment for tables we raised £470.90 ...Well worth doing! Sales of Christmas cards have now covered the cost of production and are selling extremely well. Wendy Jones-Blackett said she would help us with next year's cards if we wanted her to. Diane and Trevor asked if we could have more new seasonal greeting cards - to discuss later.

7. FGVW Annual General Meeting

The FGVW Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 23 January at The 3 Hulats from 7.30pm. Food will be provided. The meeting will include the election of officers for coming year. Nominations for the positions of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary need to be received before the AGM.

8. Change in Dates

The February Meeting and Action Morning dates have been changed. The Meeting will be held on Monday 16th February (rather than 9th February) and the Action Morning will be on Sunday 22nd February (rather than 15th February).

9. Planning and Consultation Process

Lucy would like to understand how the planning and consultation process works within the Group. Adrian explained that we usually submit a yearly plan to the Council for approval. We are working on Council owned land so we can not do any work without their approval. We also have access to a Parks and Countryside Ranger however there are not many left due to budget cuts, so they cannot help as much as they used to. A Ranger used to attend all the Action Mornings but this has not happened for a while.

Martin has arranged for one of the Rangers to attend the meeting in February. Justin and Dan from the Forestry Commission will also be invited to answer any outstanding questions on the tree felling.

10. AOB

  • Rabbits
    Martin has passed comments on to the relevant people regarding the plan for introducing rabbits in to the woods, received from a member of the community.
  • FGVW Notelets
    Naomi asked if she could look into ordering some FGVW notelets featuring the pictures used for the coasters. The Group is going to look into the cost and amounts that can be ordered.
  • Disappearing Wall
    A lot of stone has been stolen from the wall that was knocked down in a car accident. The Group would like to preserve the stone that is left and rebuild the wall if possible. The stone needs dressing and cementing, but this can not be done until spring when the weather is warmer. There was a suggestion to do the work in March if the weather is good enough. There is also other work that needs doing in that area, including mending handrails.
  • Photos of the Woods
    A little while ago Joan received a disk with photos on it taken over various seasons in the woods. Adrian will bring a laptop to the AGM so that other members can have a look at them.
  • FGVW Accounts
    Paul gave a brief overview of the accounts in preparation for the AGM. The Deposit Account contains £5,551.50 and the Bank Account contains £5,457.54.
  • Meadow
    A question was raised over what the meadow will look like when it is finished. Joan gave an explanation as to what the Group hope to achieve and that it will be a wild meadow in keeping with the original woodland area.

11. Dates of Next Meetings

  • Action Morning - Sun 18 Jan 2015
  • FGVW AGM - Fri 23 Jan 2015 (The Three Hulats, Chapel Allerton)
  • Core Group Meeting - Mon 16 Feb 2015 (Gledhow Sports & Social Club)
  • Action Morning - Sun 22 Feb 2015 (previously advertised as 15 Feb 2015)
  • Action Morning - Sun 22 Mar 2015
  • Action Morning - Sat 11 Apr 2015

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