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Minutes of Core Group FunDay Meeting
30th May 2016

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting was held to discuss final arrangements for the FGVW 2016 Family FunDay only. All other business to be discussed at the next regular Core Group Meeting.

Present: Steve Johns (FunDay Director), Claire Standage, Adrian Coltman, Carol Bull, Joan & Mervyn Clayton, Steve Jones-Blackett, Trevor & Diane Kitto, Naomi Watts-Kitto, Adam Bowler, Martin Calvert, Jenny Page, Malcolm Robertson, Melissa Ozcan, Paul Ellis.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 4th May 2016
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  1. Action Mornings
  2. FGVW FunDay 2016
  3. AOB
  4. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Adam Bull, David Miles, Phil Meadley, Hural Ozcan.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 4th May 2016

To be agreed at next Core Group Meeting.

3. Matters Arising

To be discussed at next Core Group Meeting.

4. Correspondence

To be discussed at next Core Group Meeting.

5. Action Mornings

To be discussed at next Core Group Meeting.

6. FGVW FunDay 2016


  • Steve B-J has printed numerous posters and flyers.
  • 10 posters have been given to Martin. Joan & Mervyn have put some posters up in the area including at the For Sale/Sold sign. Martin has covered the CARA boards. Additional posters were given to various members of the Group to distribute around the area.
  • Steve agreed to give flyers to Talbot School.
  • Steve B-J stated that Gledhow School would prefer to send information via e-mail rather than paper flyers.
  • 3,000 flyers have been printed so far. Steve and Steve B-J agreed to do more following half term.
  • Diane agreed to cover St Matthews, Chapel A and Roundhay primary schools.
  • Adrian to cover Kerr Mackie school.


  • Martin to get a voucher from M&T Motors.
  • Martin has sent a letter in Spanish asking for a prize from El Burrito
  • Carol to ask Rachel at Beauty at Rachel's for a prize.
  • Joan to ask Medicare Pharmacy for a prize.
  • Joan would like a raffle book prior to the FunDay.


  • There are some small prizes for the games left from last year. Diane has bought some large buckets of sweets.


  • There is no scout tent this year.
  • Martin agreed to pick up the marquee from the school on Thursday before the event.
  • Paul has 6.
  • Martin has 4.
  • Mervyn has 2.
  • Adrian has 3.
  • Steve and Jane have 1.


  • Theresa has offered to help with the Book and DVD stall.
  • Melissa has offered to find us plenty of boxes for the books.
  • Naomi has secured some face painters.
  • The Group agreed that information needed to be shown about the new field that the community has helped to buy. It was agreed to provide a list of choices on what to do with the field and let people choose their favourite option.


  • Splat the Rat.
  • Spin the Wheel - Jenny has some footballs for prizes.
  • Boat Races.
  • Tin Can Alley.
  • Parachute Games - John and Jenny are available.
  • Hook-a-Duck.
  • Paul's game.
  • Masks and woodland animals.
  • TCV crafts.
  • Circus skills have asked if we can rope off an area for them.
  • Adam would like to do Beat the Goalie and has offered to provide goal posts and be the goalie. Volunteer required to help and take money, etc.


  • Adrian agreed to act as gopher and help with volunteer rotation on stalls and check on general well-being, drinks, etc.
  • Joan stressed the importance that certain volunteers wore hi-viz vests.
  • Ranger is arriving at 3pm.
  • Martin agreed to buy cold water so Mervyn could concentrate on hot water in the flasks.
  • Martin agreed to do a list of future Action Mornings to promote at the FunDay as well as the Open Heritage Weekend.
  • Paul agreed to get the floats. Joan offered a list of what they had last year.
  • Mervyn to contact Jim regarding hire of van.
  • Police and Fire Brigade have confirmed subject to there being no emergencies.
  • Steve to order the PA.
  • Adrian agreed to book a stall at the Chapel Allerton Festival.
  • Two people have asked for stalls but these were rejected by the Group.
  • The Group has been told that the Skipton Community Fund is available.
  • Naomi to discuss the Christmas cards with Steve B-J.
  • Set up confirmed for 7am.

7. AOB

To be discussed at next Core Group Meeting.

8. Dates of Next Meetings

  • TBA

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