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Minutes of Steering Group Meeting
24th March 2022

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Mark & Mary Clayton, Mervyn & Joan Clayton, Jenny Page, Steve Jonas Blackett, Adrian Coltman, David Miles, Geoff Holden, Jeremy Kitto

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 11th February
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Correspondence
  5. Trustees Update
  6. FGVW Finance Update
  7. Heritage Lottery Fund Update and Community Engagement
  1. Lake Celebration Event
  3. Action Mornings
  4. Frequency of Steering Group Meetings
  5. Future Projects
  6. AOB
  7. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Naomi Watts-Kitto, Adam & Carol Bull, Theresa Williams, Malcom Robertson, Jill Darlington.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 11th February

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Plaque on new bench - Mervyn to attach one once the family has agreed wording.
  • Allerton Grange Fields - Still unclear on what work is being carried out, possibly drainage related?
  • LCC hasn't as yet installed warning signs by the pond. This is their responsibility. The FGVW contact at LCC, "Bob", has retired and we need to identify an alternative contact.
  • Three information boards have been put up and there's been very positive feedback about them.
  • A new FGVW leaflet has been produced.
  • New benches have been installed - they are smart but were expensive.
  • Hillcrest School Swift Boxes - David to check if they are still interested in having some put up at the school and to follow up accordingly.

4. Correspondence


5. Trustees Update

  • Action Mornings: During the pandemic government/local authority/charity commission regulations and/or guidance were followed. An email booking system was implemented. This is to continue because it allows us to plan ahead based on known attendance numbers. Before lockdown numbers of 60+ were too many for safety or useful action planning.
  • FGVW AGM: Due to the pandemic there was no AGM in 2020 or 2021. We used Outsource to provide independent approval of accounts and annual report in both years - this to continue.
  • New Mower: A new mower has been bought, replacing the less safe Allan scythe.
  • Ridgeway Fencing: The position of FGVW is that it's good to recognise and maintain the wood boundaries. It's a locally divisive issue and it's unclear exactly what work is planned. The original plan was to remove the path at the top of the woods. Vicki Nunns, Head of Parks and Countryside at LCC emailed David to inform him of possible damage to the woods in August when the work is done, and of a plan to drag back accumulated waste. It's unclear where this would be deposited. Martin C to speak to Joanne who lives at the top of Ridgeway, Woodside, and has one of the affected gardens, to clarify what is planned and when.
  • Amazon Smile: FGVW is now registered for donations.
  • Meadows:
    - The council cut Lincoln Drive meadow accidentally in 2020.
    - They cut the meadow opposite the Bath House accidentally in 2021.
    - Compensation has been received for the latter and used to buy wildflower seed.
    - The council has a policy not to cut some areas, but this is insufficient to allow wildflower meadows to flourish.
    - Lincombe Drive meadow will now be cared for by FGVW, to be cut once a year. The hedge planted by Gledhow Primary School is doing well. FGVW has a key to the gate.
  • Swans: The female is at Roundhay Park, as in the previous 2 years. No further action is planned if she hasn't returned by 1st June; they may be too old to breed.
  • New Trailer: A new trailer has been bought for £500.
  • Chapel Allerton Festival 2021: This was held at Gledhow SCC and was highly successful. The iZettle card reader was excellent (1.6% of sales to iZettle).
  • Bathhouse Open Day 2021: There were 400 visitors.
  • Christmas Stall in Chapel Allerton: There is the potential to have a regular stall there - contact for bookings is Sarah at CA Spaces.
  • Donation from Card Sales by Theresa Williams: Huge thanks to Theresa Williams for a magnificent donation of £1000. This made a huge difference to our income in 2021.
  • Benches: In Memoriam: - A bench built and installed by Mervyn with a plaque for Glen, a former FGVW volunteer.
    - Friends of Carol Cook donated £625 for a bench, which was installed with a plaque by the lake.
    - Brian, litter picker killed on Gledhow Valley Road: Joan has discussed siting the bench at the green triangle at the end of Gledhow Valley Road. Joan to ask local councillor if this is permitted.

6. FGVW Finance Update

The Treasurer broke down the accounts as follows:

Current account: £14,642
Of this, £7,820 is unallocated.
£625 is the donation for Carol Cook's bench.
The rest is tied up for specific projects.

Deposit account: £3,295
Steve is talking with Paul (previous treasurer) to transfer the deposit account to the current account.

Petty cash: £476
Funds are healthy.

7. Heritage Lottery Fund Update and Community Engagement

David reported:

  • The project was due to finish in Dec 2021 but the community engagement element has been extended to April 2022.
  • All local schools are engaged (Gledhow Primary, Chapel Allerton Primary, Hillcrest Primary, Bankside Primary).
  • Hedging and wildflower plugs ordered for Gledhow Primary to plant on 30th March. They have requested a delay, so David will keep them watered for planting on the next Action Morning, perhaps on Lincoln Drive meadow.
  • Approx £500 underspend projected, due largely to partners working for free. David to spend by the end of April on wildflower seed.
  • David is currently writing the final report which will release the final £5000 of lottery funding.

Magnificent work by David to double planned engagement by local schools, all of which are keen to continue to participate. "Thriving Communities" funding will hopefully fund continued social engagement e.g. of walking groups.

Original estimates for work on the lake were up to £1 million. The work was therefore broken into chunks with Phase 1 completed at a cost of £100,000.

A "Phase 2" is proposed, with funding from Yorkshire Water, which David is applying for. This could focus on the area between the island and the bridge, and cover more silt removal, making a channel, consolidating the island, and working on the beck. This last wouldn't be invasive but would involve planting to support wildlife, with "dead hedges" in the water.

David and Martin to urgently talk through what precisely to put in the bid, to consult with Nick Hartley, John Moxon and Groundwork Yorkshire. Steve pointed out that previous work on the south edge of the lake exposed mud and this must be avoided: we must be clear about the effect of the work.

"Phase 2" also involves Leeds Coppice Workers, returning 29-30 March, volunteers welcomed.

Any remaining lottery money to buy new fascines for installation on Action Mornings. Joan noted that they block areas used by children to slide down and so may be dislodged - to monitor.

8. Lake Celebration Event

  • David organising. Choir, willow workers, steel pans, Lord Mayor, merchandise stall and refreshments arranged.
  • Martin to provide extra gazebos.
  • Adam to email all in April asking for volunteers and refreshments.
  • Steve to publicise more broadly.
  • Jill to ask for volunteers at next Action Morning.
  • David to ask participating schools to publicise on their Twitter feeds/alternative methods.


The FGVW AGM has been provisionally agreed for Thursday April 28th, subject to approval of the Trustees Annual Report (TAR).

The meeting will inclue voting on additions to constitution:

12.2 (e) a prospective trustee must have been a member of the CIO for at least 3 years.
(f) A prospective trustee can be self nominated but also seconded by a member of the CIO.
(g) the nomination must be received by the Chair at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

The AGM will also ask for trustee nominations. All current trustees will retire.

The AGM will also to ask for suggestions for new projects.

To be at Gledhow Social Club, Martin to request a quieter space.

10. Action Mornings

  • Sunday 27th March (originally Sunday 10th April)
  • Sunday 24th April

11. Frequency of Steering Group Meetings

The Steering Group will meet monthly for the next 3 months, and then to review. During the pandemic, trustees made all decisions.

12. Future Projects

To discuss at the FGVW AGM.

13. AOB

  • REAP requested publicity for the "Climate Change: Art of Gentle Protest" exhibition launch on 30th March, Chapel Allerton Library 10.30-11.30am.
  • FGVW was nominated for the "Compassionate City Awards". A certificate has been presented to David.
  • There is an exhibition at Thackray Museum which highlights involvement of children in the woods, as facilitated through David. The museum is keen for more photos to be submitted. The Exhibition will next be at the Reginald Centre and Compton Centre.
  • In advance of the Action Morning, the palisades around the Bath House need rubbing down with a wire brush.
  • Joan noted that Paul Ellis is retiring.
  • Joan noted that the pond has been sabotaged again. It has frogspawn but is silted. The strawbale silt trap needs replacing.

14. Dates of Next Meetings

To be decided.

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