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Minutes of Steering Group Meeting
6th December 2023

Present: Martin Calvert (Chair), Adrian Coltman, Theresa Williams, David Lumb.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 15th November 2023
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Action Mornings
  5. Trustees Update
  6. New Information Boards
  1. Gledhow Lake - Phase 2 Update
  2. Gledhow Beck Water Quality Monitoring
  3. One Day Closure of Gledhow Valley Road
  4. AOB
  5. Dates of Next Meetings

1. Apologies for Absence

Adam & Carol Bull, Steve Jones-Blackett, David Miles, Mervyn & Joan Clayton.

2. Minutes of the Meeting Held 15th November 2023

Agreed as a true record.

3. Matters Arising

  • Thanks to Steve Jones-Blackett for creating 5 excellent new FGVW Christmas card designs. They have been selling well, but unfortunately the Group was not able to do a stall in Chapel Allerton this year. FGVW Members can get cards from Theresa Williams at 75p each or 3 for £2.

4. Action Mornings

  • Sunday 26 November
    "Martin's Meadow" was raked, hedges tidied and the jetty area finished off.
  • Sunday 17 December
    Work will include tidying the fallen tree, tree thinning, hedge planting and litter picking.
    Volunteers to meet at the meet at the junction of Gledhow Lane and Gledhow Valley Road.

5. Trustees Update

The next meeting will be in January 2024.

6. New Information Boards

There is now just a question of locations. "Adrian's Meadow" and the top of sledging slope are preferred.

7. Gledhow Lake - Phase 2 Update

Phase 2 work is concluding imminently.

8. Gledhow Beck Water Quality Monitoring

Work continues on collecting water samples. There is a problem with the processing of the E. coli samples as they only last 24 hours and are not getting delivered to the testing lab in time. There was a suggestion to take the samples directly to the delivery company depot rather than waiting for the unreliable couriers to turn up.

Water quality monitoring is ongoing. We may have sorted out the issue of reaching the lab within 24 hours for the E. coli samples. The courier is now offering a 2 hour slot for sample collection which should help.

E. coli levels in Gledhow Lake remain very high, giving a water quality rating of poor.

Steve Jones-Blackett expressed concerns regarding E. coli. and will liaise with David Miles.

9. One Day Closure of Gledhow Valley Road

The request to close the road has been submitted.

Nick Gardiner, Senior Traffic Engineer, has responded that he does not support a complete closure. We have written back to challenge this.

Marc Jackson has agreed to produce drone footage of the event.

We are contacting groups and individuals who we want to be involved in the event to confirm their availability.

10. AOB

  • The question of FGVW succession plans was raised and it was agreed to discuss this at the next Steering Group Meeting. David Lumb suggested a marketing campaign to attract younger folk. It was agreed that we need to advertise the roles and responsibilities.
  • The Group agreed to have an FGVW social on a Friday night in January at The Three Hulats. Martin Calvert noted that Phases 3 and 4 of the Gledhow Lake project need to be agreed with the trustees before there is any progression.
  • Theresa Williams suggested that the top path needs our attention. This work can only be tackled in conjunction with the Potternewton Park team. Martin Calvert and Mervyn Clayton to consider how to proceed.
  • Wording has been agreed for the plaque for Brian Mitchell.
  • Regarding the new zebra crossing on Gledhow Valley Road, the Group would advise folk to cross with caution. People should definitely ensure traffic has stopped or is stopping before crossing.

11. Dates of Next Meetings (Provisional)

  • Action Morning - Sun 17 Dec 2023
  • Steering Group Meeting - Thu 11 Jan 2024 (at earlier time of 7.00pm)
  • Action Morning - Sun 21 Jan 2024
  • Action Morning - Sun 18 Feb 2024
  • Action Morning - Sun 10 Mar 2024
  • Action Morning - Sun 14 Apr 2024
  • Action Morning - Sun 12 May 2024
  • Action Morning - Sun 16 Jun 2024

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