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Flora and Fauna

The Fungi of Gledhow Valley
A-Z by Common Name

Photographs kindly supplied by Andrew D Ramsay. Compiled with assistance from Steve Joul (Leeds City Council Senior Countryside Ranger) and Alan Braddock (Mid-Yorkshire Fungus Group).

This page includes information on all the fungi found in Gledhow Valley Woods. At present there are details of 75 species of fungi listed in alphabetical order by common name...

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Please wait until the page has finished loading, then click on any photo below to see a larger version (see Instructions for details).


  • Alkaline MycenaAlkaline Mycena
    Mycena alcaline
  • Amethyst DeceiverAmethyst Deceiver
    Laccaria amethystina
  • Artists' BracketArtists' Bracket
    Ganoderma sp.
  • Artist's FungusArtist's Fungus
    Ganoderma applanatum


  • Bear LentinusBear Lentinus
    Lentinellus ursinus
  • Beech BracketBeech Bracket
    Pseudotrametes gibbusa
  • Beech DiscoBeech Disco
    Hymenoscyphus fagineus
  • Beech Jelly-DiscBeech Jelly-Disc
    Neobulgaria pura
  • Beech WoodwartBeech Woodwart
    Hypoxylon fragiforme
  • Birch Bracket; Razor-Strop FungusBirch Bracket; Razor-Strop Fungus
    Piptopurus betulinus
  • Black-Purple Crumble CapBlack-Purple Crumble Cap
    Russula atropurpurea
  • Blueing BracketBlueing Bracket
    Postia subcaesia
  • Brown Birch BoleteBrown Birch Bolete
    Leccinum scabrum
  • The BulsherThe Bulsher
    Amanita rubescens
  • Butter CapButter Cap
    Collybia butyracea


  • Candle-Grease MycenaCandle-Grease Mycena
    Mycena inclinata
  • Candle-Snuff FungusCandle-Snuff Fungus
    Xylaria hypoxylon
  • CepCep
    Boletus edulis
    associated with Birch
  • Charcoal BurnerCharcoal Burner
    Russula cyanoxantha
  • Clouded ClitocybeClouded Clitocybe
    Clitocybe nebularis
  • Club FootClub Foot
    Clitocybe clavipes
  • Clustered ToughshankClustered Toughshank
    Collybia confluens
  • Collared ParachuteCollared Parachute
    Marasmius rotula
  • Common BonnetCommon Bonnet
    Mycena galericulata
  • Common CavalierCommon Cavalier
    Melanoleuca polioleuca
  • Common EarthballCommon Earthball
    Scleroderma citrinum
  • Common InkcapCommon Inkcap
    Coprinus atramentarius
  • Common Puffball; Gem-Studded Puffball; Devil's Snuff-BoxCommon Puffball; Gem-Studded Puffball; Devil's Snuff-Box
    Lycoperdon perlatum
  • Coral SpotCoral Spot
    Nectria cinnabarina


  • Dead Man's FingersDead Man's Fingers
    Xylaria polymorpha
  • The DeceiverThe Deceiver
    Laccaria laccata
  • Deer ShieldDeer Shield
    Pluteus cervinus


  • Ear FungusEar Fungus
    Auricularia auricula-judae
  • Eyelash FungusEyelash Fungus
    Scutellinia scutellata


  • Fairy InkcapFairy Inkcap
    Coprinus disseminatus
  • Flat OysterlingFlat Oysterling
    Crepidotus applanatus
  • Fly AgaricFly Agaric
    Amanita muscaria
  • reckeled Flame-CapFreckeled Flame-Cap
    Gymnopilus penetrans


  • Giant FunnelGiant Funnel
    Leucopaxillus giganteus
  • Giant PolyporeGiant Polypore
    Merapilus giganteus
  • Glistening InkcapGlistening Inkcap
    Coprinus micaceus

H, I

  • Hairy Curtain CrustHairy Curtain Crust
    Stereum hirsutum
  • Holly Speckle; Holly Leaf SpotHolly Speckle; Holly Leaf Spot
    Trochila ilicina
  • Honey FungusHoney Fungus
    Armillaria mellea


  • Jelly EarJelly Ear
    Auricularia auricula-judae


  • King Alfred's CakesKing Alfred's Cakes
    Daldinia concentrica


  • Late-Season BonnetLate-Season Bonnet
    Mycena arcangelica
  • Lumpy BracketLumpy Bracket
    Trametes gibbosa

M, N

  • Milking MycenaMilking Mycena
    Mycena galopus var nigra


  • Ochre BrittlegillOchre Brittlegill
    Russula ochroleuca

P, Q

  • Penny BunPenny Bun
    Boletus edulis
  • Poison-PiePoison-Pie
    Hebeluma crustuliniforme
  • Purple JellydiscPurple Jellydisc
    Ascocoryne sarcoides


  • Rooting ShankRooting Shank
    Oudemarsiella radicata


  • Scarletina BoleteScarletina Bolete
    Boletus luridiformis
  • Shaggy InkcapShaggy Inkcap
    Coprinus comatus
  • Shaggy ParasolShaggy Parasol
    Macrolepiota rhacodes
  • Silver-Leaf FungusSilver-Leaf Fungus
    Stereum purpureum
  • Small StagshornSmall Stagshorn
    Calocera cornea
  • Smokey BracketSmokey Bracket
    Bjerhandera adusta
  • Soft CrepidotusSoft Crepidotus
    Crepidotus mollis
  • Stinking DapperlingStinking Dapperling
    Lepiota cristata
  • Stump PuffballStump Puffball
    Lycoperdon pyriforme
  • Sulphur TuftSulphur Tuft
    Hypholoma fasciculare
  • Sycamore Tar SpotSycamore Tar Spot
    Rhytisma acerinum

T, U

  • Tripe FungusTripe Fungus
    Auricularia mesenterica
  • Turkey TailsTurkey Tails
    Trametes versicolor


  • Variable OysterlingVariable Oysterling
    Crepidotus variabilis
  • Vari-Coloured BracketVari-Coloured Bracket
    Coriolus versicolor
  • Velvet ShankVelvet Shank
    Flammulina velutipes
  • Velvet ShieldVelvet Shield
    Pluteus umbrosus

W, X, Y, Z

  • White BrainWhite Brain
    Exidia thuretiana
  • Witches' ButterWitches' Butter
    Exidia glandulosa
  • Wood BlewitWood Blewit
    Lepista nuda
  • Wood WoolyfootWood Woolyfoot
    Collybia peronata


Click on an image to see a larger version (it should appear in the centre of the screen on a dark background). Whilst viewing a large version, you can move on to the next image using the "Next" button (which appears when you move your mouse cursor over the right-hand side of the image) or by hitting the right-arrow key on your keyboard. Move to a previous image in a similar manner using the "Prev" button (which appears when you move your mouse cursor over the left-hand side of the image) or by hitting the left-arrow key on your keyboard. When you've done viewing the large images, leave by clicking on the "Close" button or by hitting the "Esc" key on your keyboard.

If you can't move between photos it may be because you did not wait until the whole page had finished loading before clicking on an image - just go back to the main Fungi of Gledhow Valley Woods page and wait until all the little fungi images have finished appearing. Another possible cause is that JavaScript is unavailable on your web browser for some reason - in this case the larger images will open as single images and you will not be able to use the extra image browsing functions.

Note: There are still fungi which are not yet pictured. We would be very grateful for any help you can give in completing our gallery ...if you have any photographs we can use please contact us.

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