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26th June 2001
Bankside Primary School Field Trips

Bankside Primary School visit Gledhow Valley Woods each year to help with one of their school projects. This year the trip was about water, and was led by FGVW's Richard Lancaster.

Three classes visited on the mornings of 26th, 27th and 28th June. From the school's point of view the trips help cover their curriculum, especially science, but the teachers can also use the visits in other areas such as literacy. From Richard's point of view they also give local children some hands on experience of their local greenspace. Many of them rarely visit these places.

The children take part in a number of activites including a "Match Box Scavenger Hunt" where they have to collect 6 natural objects that have been looked at in relation to the water project. They have to choose small items to fit into the box, so it's things like leaves that use water, stones that can changed by water, etc.

There is also a "Bean Bag Hunt" game at the end of the visit. The class is split into teams and each team has to collect a different coloured set of bean bags. The first ones to collect all of them are the winners. Richard usually asks that they pretend to be animals looking for food, or in this case water, and those that win are the ones that live... survival of the fittest and all that!

Some of the children who visited the woods wrote "thank you" letters to Richard saying what they liked (and disliked) about the trip. These letters can be seen below. To read a letter, simply click on its small "thumbnail" image and a full size version will pop-up in a new window.

Note: The full sized letters are quite large files (50-100K) and so may take a while to appear... if you have any difficulties, please see the Help! page. Also, if we've spelt anyone's names incorrectly (because some handwriting was harder to read that others!), please contact us so we can amend the details.

Letter from Abdul
Letter from Amirah
Letter from Jeba
Letter from Karuz
Letter from Meimoona
Letter from Nipa
Letter from Nishat
Letter from Rahima
Letter from Ruhal
Letter from Shamdy (page 1)
Shamdy (p1)
Letter from Shamdy (page 2)
Shamdy (p2)
Letter from Shemiah
Letter from Zain

If you have any photos or stories about past FGVW events you have attended, please contact us so we can add them to the site.

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