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Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods
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11th September 2011
Gipton Spa Bath House Heritage Open Day

As part of Leeds Heritage Open Days, the Gipton Spa Bath House on Gledhow Valley Road was opened to the public under the supervision of FGVW members on Sunday 11th September 2011 (12.30-4.30pm).

This year's Bath House Open Day event went very well with over 250 visitors attending to find out about the building and take the guided tour, learn about the local history of the area, try the home-made refreshments, and find out about the Friends group.

Many people left comments in the Visitor's Book, and these can be seen at the bottom of this page. You can also find out more about the bath house in the About the Woods section.

The event also helped increase general interest in the area by way of information displays and fact sheets. The Group was also able to raise money from the sale of merchandise, and from generous visitor donations.

Our thanks go to everyone who helped on the day, those who provided the home made refreshments, and everyone who came to learn a bit about the history of this little gem of a building.

Unfortunately no photos are available for this year's event.

Visitor Book Comments

  • Most interesting - our first visit and not disappointed.
  • What a superb and surprising little treasure.
  • Fantastic! Bringing my swimwear next year.
  • Finally got to see inside after 35 years.
  • Very interesting site.
  • Nicer than what we expected.
  • Very nice to see! Thank you.
  • Very interesting.
  • Only waited 33 years to see inside. Very interesting.
  • Delightful - so pleased it is being cared for.
  • We've wanted to see inside for years. Thanks!.
  • Very interesting - seen inside at last taken about 40 years take care of it. Thanks!
  • Very nice to see a piece of history, good work all round for Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods.
  • Really good.
  • Interesting.
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Very nicely preserved.
  • Finally settle argument about deer in GVW.
  • Very cool or cold.
  • Little Gem!
  • Very interesting.
  • Really interesting!
  • Thank you - a good history lesson.
  • Very interesting local history.
  • Lovely to be able to go in bath and that's its being taken care of.
  • Great to see this building. Thanks for your hard work. Thanks for work in the wood.
  • Wonderful as usual.
  • At last we got to see the Bath House. Brill.
  • They went in the sweat house AFTER the bath.
  • It was very nice from you to offer us to visit and the explanations. Thanks a lot.
  • Very interesting talk, lots of information.
  • I liked it. I want one!.
  • Fantastic. Thank you for taking care of it and the woods.
  • Keep it up! Great.
  • Great to see this bath house. Thanks to all.
  • Amazing - very good.
  • Interesting spot!.
  • Excellent guide and lots of work to maintain is appreciated.
  • Didn't quite want to jump in but interesting and thanks for restoring it.
  • Great, amazing still standing. Thanks for your work here.
  • Very interesting - have driven past this so many times and yet I never knew what it was.
  • Really interesting - didn't know it was here.
  • Thank you, for working. Let's open it up for wild bathing!

If you have any photos or stories about past FGVW events you have attended, please contact us so we can add them to the site.

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