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If you would like to send in your own comments to the Guest Book, please go to the Sign Our Guest Book page.

Entry Number & Date
030 (12-06-2003)
Name Graham Ball
Town/City Bristol
Comments Can anyone help please? I am trying to trace William Derek (or Derrick) Brearly who was living in Gledhow Wood Road in 1958. Derek worked as an overseas orders clerk and married the mother of a friend of ours. We are trying to trace him. If you have any ideas please let me know. He lived at the Oak Lodge.
I can see why he lived just where he did.
FGVW Comments If anyone can help, please contact us so we can pass the information on :o)

Entry Number & Date
029 (08-05-2003)
Name Karen
Town/City Leeds
Comments I am so impressed with the web site. I lived on Gledhow Park Drive 1974-1983 and have wonderful memories of the woods. Then dog walking from Thorn Lane as an adult. I will definately be bringing my kids along to explore the woods now.

Entry Number & Date
028 (23-04-2003)
Name Jamie (again)
Town/City Leeds
Comments I heard that the bridge on Little Switzerland used to have a railway line on it. Is this true?
FGVW Comments It does look a bit like a railway bridge, but as far as we know there has never been a railway line on it. If anyone else out there knows different, please let us know :o)

Entry Number & Date
027 (19-04-2003)
Name James Fisher
Town/City Leeds
Comments Very well put together web site. Congratualtions on that. Also, well done for sorting out the woods, I've been going there ever since I was a little boy and I must say the condition I saw them in two days ago wen I went down was the best ever. Keep up the good work.

Entry Number & Date
026 (18-04-2003)
Name Jamie
Town/City Leeds
Comments Hey FGVW!! I just want to say that the new Virtual Tour is great, but it would be good if you could zoom in on images, and go into the woods.
Why don't you get a forum or chat room to make it easier and quicker for people to get in touch?
Great work, FGVW, keep it up! :-)
FGVW Comments Hi Jamie... thanks for your comments. I agree it would be nice to be able to zoom in on the images and improve the interactivity, and these are things that might be possible in the future. Unfortunately, the main problems at the moment are limits on time and resources. It already takes up an awful lot of time building and maintaining this site as it continues to grow, and it is all 'donated' time since the site is not funded. Also, it isn't possible to buy the better software and camera equipment necessary to do a top notch interactive vitual tour... we're doing the best we can with what we've got, so please bear with us :o)
As for including a forum or chat room, that's a good idea too... but the site doesn't really have a big enough following yet to justify including one. It is something that is being considered for the future though.

Entry Number & Date
025 (29-03-2003)
Name Simon
Town/City Lincombe Drive, Gledhow, Leeds (near Gledhow Beck & Valley)
Comments People may be thinking of the disgusting, smelly lake and what's going to be done about it. That's the question I want to ask even though I'm a member!
FGVW Comments It's a good question, and one the FGVW regularly put to organisations such as Yorkshire Water, Leeds City Council and the Environment Agency.
There have been some recent successes in the FGVW's ongoing campaign against water pollution... have a look at the Campaigning Against Water Pollution page for more details.

Entry Number & Date
024 (29-03-2003)
Name Simon
Town/City Lincombe Drive, Gledhow, Leeds (near Gledhow Beck & Valley)
Comments I hope your website is still going well FGVW team! Could you give me a little more information on little Switzerland/Little London???
Thank you so much!
FGVW Comments What would you like to know? If you e-mail us with a bit more detail, we'll do our best to help :o)
Please see the Contact Us page for e-mail addresses.

Entry Number & Date
023 (16-03-2003)
Name Fairies of the 'Wishing Tree'
Town/City Bridlington
Comments Hello to all you fairies and elves of FoGVWers. A short one, to let you know that your usual fairies cannot come to this year's event in May, but the Guardian of the Woods has sent us on another mission this year. Hopefully, a bunch of new-to-you fairies will arrive with new and exiting things to do. We wish you every success this year and will try our best to get back to you next year.
We are sorry to deliver this bad news, but we have found two FoGVWers in the woods in our territory, very, very, well, drunk! I am sorry to be the messenger in this case, but the Guardian of the Woods has asked us to let you know.
It is particularly sad that I deliver this news 'coz these two FoGVWers are to be presented with their Silver Bluebell Badge for commitment to the woods this year. I shall not name them... they know who they are, and if they are to be honest, as we expect from all helpers, they will confess and relent.
On a lighter note we congratulate you on your website.
At this point you should congratulate us on typing a readable e-mail... We are not trained in these things at fairy college.
We are currently working on new ways in which we can help from where we are now posted... our hearts are still in the woods with you all, and we wish you all the very best this coming year - wow your first year of independence!
We send you fairy dust and magic and love.
Keep on caring -- THE WISHING TREE FAIRIES xxxxx

P.S. The FoGVWers that were found said they were researching peanuts, size of them and the latest dog poo bags. Are we really using our resources carefully? RED NOSES INDICATE ALCOHOL. THEY SLURRED THEIR WORDS!

Entry Number & Date
022 (13-03-2003)
Name Simon
Town/City Lincombe Drive, Gledhow, Leeds (near Gledhow Beck & Valley)
Comments Hello again Friends of Gledhow Walley Woods crew!!! I just want to tell you what I saw once besides the lake (it's not made up!). I was on the hill near the small sticking out thing. At the other side of the lake was a massive pink thing!!! It was very strange.
Could you help me friends of gledhow valley woods and tell me what I saw???
Thank you!!

P.S. Is it a myth????

FGVW Comments Hmmmm... we've not heard tell of any strange creatures like that... maybe someone else out there can help us out?

Entry Number & Date
021 (13-03-2003)
Name Simon
Town/City Gledhow, Leeds
Comments I like the baths in the woodland. I understand it was built in 1671, but was it used for baths then? I'd like to find more info about the baths! Thank you.

P.S. This site is great!!! Especially for tourists and community.

FGVW Comments You can find out more about the baths and how they were used in the About the Woods section of the site.

Entry Number & Date
020 (25-02-2003)
Name Helen Linklater
Town/City Chillingham, Northern NSW, Australia
Comments All my childhood memories were brought back to me.
I lived on Roxholm Rd, just the otherside of the soccer field. Spent a lot of time in the woods.
Your site is fantastic, couldn't believe it at first. Just found it by luck. But because I live overseas, I'll spend a bit of time at this site to revive those special childhood memories. Thanks

Entry Number & Date
019 (09-02-2003)
Name James
Town/City Gledhow, Leeds
Comments Hey this is a great website. Well done to the webmaster. I've been through through the woods many times.
You know the Roman Baths, can you actually go into them and have a look?
FGVW Comments The bathhouse isn't actually Roman... it was built in 1671. There is a small metal plaque above the door which comemorates its building and which also says "Ice-cold water from a near-by spring was conducted here to a sunken bath. Also inside was a small fireplace to sweat the patients after bathing."
Unfortunately it isn't possible to get inside the bath house, but you can get a pretty good view of what's inside if you stand on the hillside behind it :o)

Entry Number & Date
018 (24-01-2003)
Name Johnny Peck
Town/City Singapore
Comments Hallo... Keep it up guys.
Regards, Johnny Peck

Entry Number & Date
017 (20-11-2002)
Name Jamie Harris
Town/City Leeds
Comments Hi! I live at Lincombe Drive, which is near the small stream which eventually leads the lake. I was also wondering, where exactly does the stream start that goes on to Gledhow Valley Lake?
If you know,click here to email me.

Entry Number & Date
016 (23-10-2002)
Name V Keith
Town/City Watford
Comments It came up first on Google search and answered all my questions - within about a minute - about this hungry looking fox in my back yard. Now I know what and WHAT NOT to do! Excellent and elegant site. Thanks again!

Entry Number & Date
015 (08-10-2002)
Name Glen Howard Kitson
Town/City Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Comments Fascinating to read a small piece of (my) family history.

Entry Number & Date
014 (02-10-2002)
Name Chris Nriapia
Town/City Leeds (Chapel Allerton)
Comments What a wonderful little site! I'm glad that there are some people out there who protect and preserve this beautiful part of our world, through modern digital means! Keep up the good work!

Entry Number & Date
013 (05-08-2002)
Name Rebecca Rhodes
Town/City Leeds
Comments I have walked my dog in Gledhow woods for a least 15 years & have loved every minute. When something is so close to you, you don't always appreciate it but I have very happy memories from walking through the bluebells to sledging down the hill. It's a lovely place.

Entry Number & Date
012 (23-07-2002)
Name Ben Innis
Town/City Leeds
Comments I love your page, it is a great contribution to the woods and also the people who also help on Action Mornings so jolly good show. I will hopefully be coming along with my farther on an Action Morning. Thank You.

Entry Number & Date
011 (26-05-2002)
Name Colin & Sharon Faulkner
Town/City Leeds
Comments After spending a very wet walking day with Joan & Mervyn Clayton in the Dales they told us all about the work that so many people do to help the keep the woods in good condition. Also how good the web site was... well done Adam, particularly the 360 panoramic views.

Entry Number & Date
010 (19-05-2002)
Name Daphne Franks
Town/City Leeds
Comments I live on Lidgett Lane near the entrance to Gledhow Woods and have always loved to walk in the woods, though the pollution in the stream and lake has always annoyed me. This is an excellent website - informative and easy to use. I'll go to the next Action Day!

Entry Number & Date
009 (07-05-2002)
Name Joanne Wrighton
Town/City Leeds
Comments Having watched my Mother and Father inlaw building bird boxes all weekend (for the Family Funday) I thought it would be nice to pay a special "thankyou" to both of them, so well done Mervyn and Joan!

Entry Number & Date
008 (26-04-2002)
Name Kristine Brown
Town/City Leeds
Comments I was impressed with your web site but even more impressed with the hard work of the local residents group. I have seen them spending their own precious time on numerous occasions whilst driving up and down Gledhow Valley Road. Well done to you all.

Entry Number & Date
007 (22-03-2002)
Name Jon Belsey
Town/City Cannock
Comments Just surfing looking for people with my last name.

Entry Number & Date
006 (16-02-2002)
Name Andy Brown
Town/City Leeds
Comments I enjoy walking my dog and running in the woods, whilst up visiting my girlfriend who lives off the valley. Enjoyed the talk/slide show at the Methodist Centre in January, would definitely consider helping out on future Action Days.

Entry Number & Date
005 (19-01-2002)
Name Gabrielle Rose
Town/City Leeds
Comments A great web site. Very informative and easy to navigate. Well Done. I moved into the area last year and am delighted to hear of the Group's existence. I look forward to meeting other "Friends" and getting involved at the action days.

Entry Number & Date
004 (28-12-2001)
Name Dorothy Carter
Town/City Leeds
Comments At last I have caught up with the site. We must try and get some photographs to fill your gaps!

Entry Number & Date
003 (17-12-2001)
Name Dave Neild
Town/City Leeds
Comments Just surfed onto your website and I'm very impressed! I didn't know about Gledhow Valley Woods before, but I certainly do now! I'll be paying a visit soon.

Entry Number & Date
002 (26-11-2001)
Name Gerry Millward
Town/City Leeds
Comments Just visiting, having spoken to Adam Bull who designed this website.

Entry Number & Date
001 (10-11-2001)
Name Howard Conway
Town/City Toronto, Canada
Comments I use to live at 19 Gledhow Park Crescent from 1949 to 1963. We used to play in the woods. Is Bluebell Park still there, it was half way up the road we used to call Little Switzerland? We used the horn under the bridge as it echoed. At the top of Lidgett Lane there were anti aircraft guns.

Entry Number & Date
000 (10-08-2001)
Name Adam Bull
Town/City Leeds, England
Comments I'd just like to welcome everyone to the new Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods web site. Having recently moved to the area, it was a pleasure to build this site and I hope you find it useful, interesting and fun.
FGVW Comments Duncan Token Congratulations... you found a Duncan Duck Token! Now go to the Hunt the Gledhow Valley Duck page to find out what to do now that you've found one.

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