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If you would like to send in your own comments to the Guest Book, please go to the Sign Our Guest Book page.

Entry Number & Date
060 (09-01-2005)
Name Anonymous
Town/City Leeds
Comments Hi, lovely website, good work being done :)
One small point though - your map is wrong!
Chapel Allerton Hospital is the other side of Harehills Lane, and the area marked Chapeltown is now generally agreed to be Chapel Allerton! Took me a couple of minutes to figure out why it looked upside down - could be confusing for visitors! :)
FGVW Comments Thanks for letting us know - you're quite right of course! I've now brought the map up to date - it was based on a rather old original :o)

Entry Number & Date
059 (12-08-2004)
Name Peggy George
Town/City Neath Port Talbot CBC
Comments Your group appear very well structured, an impressive organisation. Achievements are commendable. A very good 'role model'. I am tasked with researching the formation of a "Friend's Group" and hope you will accept an approach shortly for some advice.
Peggy George
Project Officer
Margam Country Park
FGVW Comments Thanks for your kind comments. We'll be glad to offer what help we can... please see the Contact Us page when you're ready to get in touch :o)

Entry Number & Date
058 (10-11-2004)
Name Danny Haszard
Town/City Bangor, Maine, USA
Comments Good to go bravo, best wishes on all your endeavors. Handsome site I like your content.
"Measure wealth not by the things you have, but by the things you have for which you would not take money".
Danny Haszard
Bangor Maine USA

Entry Number & Date
057 (01-11-2004)
Name Si-Long
Town/City -
Comments I am from japan and I love the Gledhow Woods!

Entry Number & Date
056 (08-08-2004)
Name Simon Harris
Town/City Gledhow, Leeds
Comments My bird box is now up! Hurray! I've put on 2 hooks which I have attached 2 bird feeders to. We've had a few problems with the box (almost fell off the wall) but it seems to be fine. Not too sure if I have had any birds yet! The bird box is being fixed at the mo.
Thanx! :D

Entry Number & Date
055 (17-08-2004)
Name Fifi
Town/City Paris
Comments I came here on a visit with my school and I think the forest is quite beautiful.

Entry Number & Date
054 (16-08-2004)
Name Simon Harris
Town/City Gledhow, Leeds
Comments I just want to say thanks for your recent message when I talked about Aaron. A couple of days ago I saw his statue. In fact I've seen his statue a few times and wondered what is was supposed to be. Thanks again! :D
My bird box that I made at the Family Funday is nearly finished being varnished although is has taken a long time!
Thank you for the info and keep up the great web site!
FGVW Comments Hi Simon,
No worries :o)
Good luck with your bird box - let us know if you get any birds nesting in it.

Entry Number & Date
053 (10-08-2004)
Name Mrs P Millard
Town/City London
Comments I think foxes are beautiful creatures and I know they do spoil our gardens, but I feel so lucky that they come into our garden. After all they have a right to this world too. I can't see enough of them. We have been lucky to have seen their fox cubs too. They are so delightful to watch when playing.

Entry Number & Date
052 (30-07-2004)
Name Simon Harris
Town/City Gledhow, Leeds
Comments Yesterday I visited the Royal Armouries in Leeds and heard about someone called Aaron who was in the world war and was a hero and lived in Gledhow. It think it would be nice if you could add a section about him.
FGVW Comments Hi Simon,
The person you heard about was Arthur Aaron. He was the only World War II serviceman from Leeds to be awarded the Victoria Cross, and a statue in his honour now stands on the Eastgate roundabout in front of the West Yorkshire Playhouse.
He was born 5 March 1922 in Leeds and educated at Gledhow National (Primary) School, then Roundhay School, and finally Leeds School of Architecture.
In March 1941 Aaron became one of 23 cadets who formed the Inaugural Flight of Leeds University Air Squadron. After being awarded his pilot's wings in 1942 he took part in a number of military operations until his 20th operational flight against Turin led to his death on Friday 13 August 1943. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross and the Distinguished Flying Medal.
It is a good idea to add something about Aaron to the site. When I've researched some more of the details I'll add a new 'Local Heroes' section to the 'About the Woods' area.
Thanks for sending in your excellent idea :o)

Entry Number & Date
051 (27-05-2004)
Name Jamie
Town/City Leeds
Comments We just want to say thanks for this year's great Funday. We all enjoyed ourselves, and the bird box is now waiting to be varnished!
FGVW Comments Thanks Jamie :o)
Good luck with your new bird box. To get the most from it you might like to take a look at our page called How to Put Up and Look After a Bird Box.

Entry Number & Date
050 (23-05-2004)
Name Simon Harris
Town/City Gledhow, Leeds
Comments I went to the Funday on the 22nd May 04 and it was great! This year it was better because they had a circus. I really enjoyed it and thanx for organising it!
Thanks again, Simon :)
FGVW Comments Thanks for your comments, Simon... very glad you enjoyed the Funday. I think it was our best yet, especially since it was sunny for once!
To find out more about what happened and see pictures of the day, please check out the Events Gallery section. There's also a 360 degree panorama of the event on the Virtual Tour page.

Entry Number & Date
049 (09-05-2004)
Name Osama Binladen
Town/City Leeds
Comments Great place to hide out.
FGVW Comments :o)

Entry Number & Date
048 (14-04-2004)
Name Mrs Gay Kershaw
Town/City Edgware, Middlesex
Comments Lived, as a teenager, with my mother on Gledhow Valley Road (she still lives there). Used to go tadpole fishing in the lake as a small child and later often used the wood as a short cut home after school. I still visit the wood whenever I return to Leeds.
I'm very interested in the history and well-being of Gledhow Valley Woods and would love to be kept in the loop.
FGVW Comments You might be interested in joining our Mailing List, which is sent about once a month and provides details of forthcoming events, meetings, web site updates, and general news about the FGVW and the woods.

Entry Number & Date
047 (23-03-2004)
Name Simon --H--
Town/City Gledhow
Comments In Gledhow Valley Woods was there a railway, and is there anywhere I can see the rail tracks?
FGVW Comments There was a railway track along the valley floor during the time when Gledhow Valley Road was being constructed in the 1920s, and you can see a photo of it in the Photographic History section. No traces remain of this track, and as far as we can tell there have been no other railway lines in the valley.

Entry Number & Date
046 (17-02-2004)
Name Duncan (not the duck!) Randall
Town/City Bingley
Comments I lived on Gledhow Valley Road between the ages of 4 and 12. It Bought back a lot of memories looking at these pictures since I spent most weekends playing in the woods.
I helped my older brother and his mates build the BMX track at the bottom of Little Switzerland, I'd be interested to know if it's still in use!?
The woods were also my shortcut home from Gledhow and Allerton School. I remember when we moved I was more gutted about leaving the woods behind than anything else!!
Excellent site, keep up the good work.
FGVW Comments Hi Duncan... thanks for your comments. Unfortunately I have to report that the BMX track is no longer there. From what I can tell it was in use for some time, but there was some kind of "incident" (not sure of the details, but police and ambulance services were involved) and after that the Council removed the track.

Entry Number & Date
045 (28-01-2004)
Name Sylvia Goodacre
Town/City Redcar, North Yorkshire
Comments Having just moved (after 30 years) from Allerton Grange Way it's nice to keep in touch with what is going on, and it would be nice to hear from Joan & Mervyn, if they see this message. We are having a great time - love it up here. Wouldn't come back to Leeds to live, but one thing we miss is the woods and seeing Joan walking the dog or dogs. Keep up the good work.

Entry Number & Date
044 (25-01-2004)
Name Jo Mawn
Town/City Leeds
Comments I go for walks in the woods most Sundays with my youngest daughter and my labrador dog Harry. I grew up around these woods and played in them many times! Looking round this website was very interesting and I learnt many things of which I never knew.

Entry Number & Date
043 (08-01-2004)
Name Sugar Todd
Town/City Wisconsin
Comments Umm... I am looking for Duncan... help!
FGVW Comments Have a look at Guest Book entry number 36 further down this page - there are lots of clues to Duncan the Duck's location there :o)
I have added your entry to the Duck Hunt Honours Table. If you find any more tokens just Submit Your Answers again and I'll move you further up the league!

Entry Number & Date
042 (29-12-2003)
Name JDH
Town/City W Yorks
Comments Did Elizabeth I ever visit Gledhow Hall?
FGVW Comments Not sure about this I'm afraid. I can't find any evidence to confirm that she did, although the Crown did own the estate until 1601 when Elizabeth I sold it to the Thwaites family (see The History of Gledhow Hall for more details).
If anyone can help with more information about the history of Gledhow Hall we would be very grateful... please contact us.

Entry Number & Date
041 (22-12-2003)
Name Bea
Town/City Leeds
Comments It's a while since I was able to get down the woods for a good walk but have noticed Little Switzerland has been closed... has the sewage problem been tackled at last?
FGVW Comments Hi Bea. The sewage problem has been tackled and should be nearly sorted out by now. The recent work near Little Switzerland involved Yorkshire Water upgrading the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) into an improved self-cleaning version! Now we just have to wait and see if it works properly, bearing in mind the teething troubles there have been with the other recently completed CSO upgrades in the area.
You can find out more about the CSOs in the Campaigning Against Water Pollution section.

Entry Number & Date
040 (16-11-2003)
Name Simon
Town/City Gledhow, Leeds
Comments What happened to those sheep in the field on Gledhow Valley Road?
FGVW Comments Good question! We are investigating and will update this entry if we manage to find out.

Entry Number & Date
040 (15-11-2003)
Name Anonymous
Town/City Gledhow
Comments I've heard somewhere that there are reindeer in the woodland. Is this true?
FGVW Comments No, I'm afraid that isn't true (except maybe on Christmas eve!). The deer that have been seen in the woods occasionally are roe deer.

Entry Number & Date
039 (27-10-2003)
Name Jamie
Town/City -
Comments Have there been any deer sightings in the area?
FGVW Comments There have been some deer sightings in the wood that have been reported to us, but not many. It is planned to add information about deer to the Flora & Fauna section in the future, although bats will probably be coming next!

Entry Number & Date
038 (05-09-2003)
Name Simon
Town/City Gledhow, Leeds
Comments Is Gledhow Hall open to the public or is it just a house???
Thank you very much.
FGVW Comments Unfortunately Gledhow Hall is not generally open to the public... it has been converted into private flats. However there is usually an open day once a year when you can see part of it, including the impressive hand-painted Burmantofts tile bathroom (designed for the Prince of Wales' visit in 1885). Details of these open days can be found in the Events section of the Leeds Civic Trust web site under "Heritage Open Days".

Entry Number & Date
037 (31-08-2003)
Name Peter Buckley
Town/City Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Comments I am researching the family of Charles Wood 1866-1928 and his wife Annie (Clarke of Edwinstowe) 1861-1934. In 1901/02 Charles, who had been employed as Coachman to Henry Gallimore, Nickel Silver & Electro-plate Manufacturer of Tapton Crescent Road, Sheffield, obtained the post of Coachman (Domestic) at GLEDHOW HALL.
Their three eldest children, Elizabeth Annie 1893-1958 (L.R.A.M, A.R.C.M.), Charles Arthur 1894-1916 and William Henry 1899- were born at Sheffield, however Albert Ernest 1902 and Mary Ethel (Mrs Letherland) 1904-1985 were born at Gledhow Hall Stables (adjacent the Wall Letter Box) in Gledhow Lane and baptised at the then newly consecrated St Matthew's Parish church, Chapel Allerton by the Vicar, Rev. J P Maud and his successor Rev. Brameld respectively.
Possibly due to the death of Sir James Kitson and the outbreak of the 1914-18 War, Charles and his family moved back to live at 24 Nairn Street, Crookes, Sheffield. Charles died at The Lodge, Ryegate, Sheffield, whilst working as a chauffeur/motor mechanic.

Entry Number & Date
036 (28-08-2003)
Name Jamie
Town/City Leeds
Comments I'm finding it very hard to find all the ducks. Please Adam can you give me a hint, or two?
FGVW Comments The Hunt the Gledhow Valley Duck challenge has been getting harder because the web site has increased in size quite a lot since it started. Here are a few pointers...

  • 3 duck tokens are in plain view on certain web pages.
  • 4 duck tokens appear only when you move your mouse cursor over certain pictures.
  • 1 duck appears as a prize for completing a quiz.
  • 1 duck token can be 'popped-up' by looking for Duncan in the Birds of Gledhow Valley lists.
  • 1 duck token is very difficult to spot because it appears only on one particular page briefly every 10 seconds! (Clue: look for a picture of people clearing a meadow).

To make the challenge easier I will eventually add more duck tokens, but for now it's a difficult task... which is why only one person has managed so far!

Entry Number & Date
035 (14-08-2003)
Name Jamie
Town/City Leeds
Comments Where abouts is Gledhow Hall??
FGVW Comments Gledhow Hall is near the corner where Gledhow Lane meets Gledhow Wood Road. To get to the hall from Gledhow Valley Road you'd go up Gledhow Lane as it winds steeply through the woods and under the bridge, then turn right onto Gledhow Wood Road. A little way along you'd turn right again onto Gledhow Wood Close and this would lead you right round in front of the Hall.
The Hall consists of rented flats now, but they usually have an open day once a year when you can see part of it, including the impressive hand-painted Burmantofts tile bathroom (designed for the Prince of Wales' visit in 1885). Details of these open days can be found in the Events section of the Leeds Civic Trust web site under "Heritage Open Days".
There is a 360 degree panorama of the Burmantofts tiled bathroom in the Take a Virtual Tour section, and more details of the Hall itself in the About the Woods section.

Entry Number & Date
034 (10-08-2003)
Name Sue Murray
Town/City Leeds
Comments Hi - great website, and thanks to all those volunteers who give up their precious time to keep the woods nice. I wish there'd been a contact group years ago when our local foxes were being hunted by men with dogs, snares, and shot. Just in case you ever see anybody hunting wild animals in the woods by these or any other means, it is worth reporting to the police, because Gledhow Woods, and other areas of council land, are protected by a bylaw that makes it an offence to kill any wild animals (yes, that does include squirrels!) and you can get help. I hope the animals are safe now, but you never know.

Entry Number & Date
033 (31-07-2003)
Name Jane
Town/City Allerton Grange Drive, Leeds
Comments Finally got around to looking at the website and it's fantastic. Thought you'd like to know that this spring we had our first family of blue tits nesting in the nest box we made at last year's Funday which was amazing. I could see them zooming in and out to feed the babies every time I washed up. Your nest boxes have made household chores almonst bearable.
We are hoping for success with the robin's nest box this year and I'm pondering the idea of building a hedgehog house as a summer holiday project for my son.

Entry Number & Date
032 (09-07-2003)
Name Iain Thompson
Town/City Leeds - Fabulous Leeds
Comments Just found a Gledhow Valley I never knew! I got out of my car and went for a walk which turned into a treasure hunt of natural beauty.
The Web site is fab and has shown me there is still lots more for me to discover but I'm gonna wait 'till my kids can go with me!
Just one thing, the home page mentions that membership is open to all but no sign of how to join?
FGVW Comments There's no official joining process... just come along to one of the regular Core Group meetings or Action Mornings (see the News & Events page for details), or fill in the Mailing List form on this web site.

Entry Number & Date
031 (05-07-2003)
Name Richard M Heaton
Town/City Sebring, Florida USA
Comments I lived at Gledhow House for 31 of my 56 years, my mother and brother still live there. My great grandfather, William Greenwood owned the house at the top of Little Switzerland that connects to the bridge; I used to play in the woods as a boy and we used to sledge down towards the lake. I remember when they came to dredge the lake... it must have been around 1955. They made a real mess of the whole area. I am glad that you are taking care of this beautiful park.

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